Why and how to make the saddle in Minecraft

Today Maynkraft considered one of the most popular games.In accordance with the plot of each player meets therein pigs can ride.Therefore, many fans of the game are wondering how to make the saddle in Minecraft.Is it even possible to create it?This will be discussed in this article.

Minecraft : how to make the saddle?

course, most players are using pigs as a food source.But it's not all possible options.For example, they can skate on the ice and play.However, for this you first need to ride the animal.So how to make the saddle in Minecraft?

Immediately it is worth noting that the saddle - it is a rare element.Of course, some things in Maynkraft can be created, but it does not touch the seat.This device can only be obtained in two ways:

  • Saddle can be found in one of the trunks of treasures.This method is known to many.
  • In addition, this thing can be and purchase.Search for it to be a butcher who lives in the village.Of course, here you will buy it, so you need resources.In most cases, the seat will have to pay about seven emeralds.By the way, if someone does not know that emeralds can be mined with a diamond pickaxe or iron in the mountain biome.

It is worth to remind that the saddle - something extremely rare.And the fact that you have found a butcher, does not mean necessarily that turned up the opportunity to buy this device.Yes, some players are lucky the first time.But in most cases will have to be patient and not to stop attempts to discover this wonderful thing.

Saddle - what does it need?

We have considered the question of how to make the saddle in Minecraft, to be exact - have learned that this item can only be found.So you should get acquainted with the properties of the thing, as well as the benefits that it provides the player.

If you are the owner of such a rare item, but now it needs to throw a pig.To do this, take a seat in the active arm, the mouse on your chosen pig and click the right mouse button.By the way, using the same click on the right button, you can sit on it.

So what should be the saddle?For a start it is worth noting that if you ride a saddled pig on ice, the movement speed will be much higher.Until recently, the animals with the seat moved chaotically and uncontrollably.But after a series of innovations the player the opportunity to manage a pig.You will need a fishing rod with a carrot.Meaning its use is simple - the animal will move in the direction in which you point the bait.

way, pigs can climb obstacles, but only those whose height does not exceed the height of the block.In addition, there is another quite popular and fun trick.If during a ride on an animal you can throw eggs at him, or snowballs, the pig is able to fly up into the air.And a few more useful features on the use of seat:

  • You can ride a young pig - in which case you will have to wait until he grows up, but the seat is not going anywhere.
  • Before the saddle disappeared after the animal is "dying."Now, after the death of a pig it simply falls - you can easily take it and use it again.

Now you know how to make a saddle in Minecraft, as well as its properties and some interesting tricks.Have a good game!