How to survive in the new workplace in the first three months

10 council candidates yesterday.

passed the most important stage - the numerous interviews behind the high professional level is proven, and the employer is ready to take you into the ranks of its employees.But too early to relax, because the front - a period of adaptation to the new location and a new team.For a trial period did not become a real test, use the simple but effective tips from the Director General of the service of collective discounts Nikita Halyavin.

1. Read is not bad, not bad read

main task of the novice - to become part of the company and the group.To be implicated in something, you need to understand and learn the rules of the environment in which you find yourself.Be familiar with basic principles of life in the company in several ways.The most formal - Read internal documents.Almost every self-respecting corporation of medium size there are descriptions of the standards of work and behavior of employees.Particularly odious offices also develop codes of corporate values.Take the time and still read this stack of papers.Of course, much that is described in them, far from reality, but the information obtained in this way will give you an idea of ​​the communication of the company and the existing benchmarks it rules.

2. Principle chameleon

According to the laws of biology any medium it rejects alien elements.Since you do not know how your habits and life position corresponds to the principles of the people who surround you now, it is better to be as restrained.At first all the features of their behavior and outlook is better to keep to yourself.It should act as neutral as possible and not to stand out.You do not need to walk around the office with a straight face.Be friendly and fairly open, but keep your distance.

3. Look at me, do as I

main property, which can accelerate the adaptation - this observation.See and delve: what employees go, how to communicate, discuss what topics and what kind of coffee prefer.This will help to learn the basic rituals and soon pass for her boyfriend.

4. Overcome Loneliness

If you feel that colleagues are not too eager to talk with you and around you formed a vacuum, do not let yourself out of a hermit.Go to the contact first.Do this when the case is not too intrusive.If the company more than three people are together for lunch, ask for permission to join.If you smoke, pretending that you forgot to ask for a cigarette lighter, and a spark from someone whose face is already familiar to you (the man at the reception - do not count).

5. maintain neutrality

in any place, even in a friendly team, have formed interest groups that compete with each other.As long as you have not yet realized what was happening, try not to engage in conflicts and intrigues.Try to calculate the colleagues who support a more or less good relations with all.As soon you find those - boldly suggests to him at shortstop.From those who like to wash the bones of others during smoke breaks or lunch, it is better to stay away.

6. Do not teach a scientist

Appreciate the people who are trying to help you.Even if they do it too carefully.If someone charged with the mission of your training and supervising the man or does it on his own initiative, and makes responsible, it is useful to you.Even if all or most of what you tell us you know.Listen and show respect.This will configure your colleague is positive.At least one positive person in a crowd of strangers - this is the beginning of integration.

7. Syndrome howcast

Do not be afraid to ask questions.You will most likely be happy to answer them.The quicker you will find answers to your questions, the sooner there will be more to know and understand.

8. We ourselves are not local

once again not to remind people that you're here recently.Of course, what you are signed up, it can be a good excuse in many situations, but emphasizing that status, you can not help themselves in opposition to "an old".Sooner or later, it can start to annoy them.

9. Plus ten karma

Once you understand the balance of power in the team, which were, try to analyze how you can gain prestige and location yourself.Find the qualities and skills (both professional and personal), who will appreciate this or that person.Be the pluses gradually to avoid being branded as an upstart.

10. Put a revolution for later

Delving into the life of the company, you will inevitably find yourself thinking that you do not like something.Or it seems irrational and not entirely correct.Maybe you'll even be right and you will know how to fix it.But time rationalization proposals and reform has not come yet.If upgrading is not part of your professional responsibilities, do not climb on the rampage.Whatever the plans are not spinning in your head - to change the world or to work the galaxy, until you are just another employee.To change some system, you must first become a part of it.And here it takes time.

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