Slender legs without the "breeches" for the summer season!

Fashion critics claim that in the spring fashion femininity and no breeches - neither the figure nor among the styles of trousers.In winter, it is easy to "decorate" their forms often dramatically superfluous and inappropriate kilograms, but in the summer we dream transformed for example butterflies from a cocoon: op-pa, and we again slim!

girls, listen to advice: better to wait for a miracle in the form of bundles of flowers from fans of cute, but a question of a beautiful figure and shapely legs better than to take personal control.

Legs up!

If the desire and the need to allow the possibility, offer fitness update subscription and start fighting against the "breeches" on legs in the gym.Allies for you to become a treadmill, exercise equipment for pumping muscles outside of the hip and step aerobics.Although the time can be given to his beloved and evening, dressed in a tank top and shorts and follow the simple set of useful exercises.

Soldiers acrobats. standing straight, put his hands on her waist.Raise your left leg bent at the knee, up to the thigh was parallel to the floor, then lower slowly down.After a moment lift the left leg extended to the side as high as possible, slowly lower down.Alternating left and right leg, do the 20 units for each leg.Raise and lower the leg to be slow, causing the muscles to work.

Games with the ball. Lying on the floor, bend your knees, arms stretched along the body, back straight.Between the knees should hold a rubber ball, imagine that you need to move the knees - rhythmically squeeze the ball, feeling the muscles work inside and outside of the thigh.

To combat breeches help deep squats: keep your back straight, squat during forward bias allowed no more than 30 degrees, squat so low as we can to keep his balance, then slowly rise to its original position.Avoid sudden movements and jerks, perform 3 sets of 20 times.

Keeping vase foot. get up on all fours, back straight, head straight.Raise your left leg bent at the knee, up so neatly, as if it is a bowl, then gently down - and so 20 times, and the knee does not touch the floor.For each leg you need to do 3 sets of 20 times.

SPA at home. After exercise, it is desirable to take a hot shower and intensively, but gently rub the area "breeches" washcloth or a special glove for the soul - massage can help improve circulation in the problem area.

Music in the subject. In that case, if laziness is totally and completely ruin your entire motivation for the acquisition of harmony, offer to do the following: include the most "hot" disco hits and dance like we're in a disco, not forgetting about our exercises!

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