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I do not know, but somehow all the boys feel the matter on Monday.I drank the juice weekend and watched cartoons, but still today, so head is bursting!Apparently this is a premonition ... The Pope says: "Get used to it, Antonio."And my name is Vadim.But he, after all weekend Antonio.Lies, groans, asks Nurse beer.So it was not used for 40 years to Mondays.I look at him and understand - the future of my sad ...

At lunch describe.I think I drink a lot.It is necessary to tie a compote.I asked Vova, who had already tied.Vovk said that without compote in this world boring.I sit, drink compote and crying - this passion ruin me.

Marinka He looked under the skirt.I'm in shock.And because of that earlier unleashed the war, shot in a duel, and Ivan the Fool flunked Koshchey Immortal?We must ask the pope.


asked the pope.He said that I - a moron, and advised more mature.I do not know, I do not change fast judgments.

In the garden again described.I am not a man but a rag.

given porridge for breakfast.For lunch - porridge and soup.At lunch - porridge and an apple.For dinner, I decided to do the bugs.It turned out - very nutritious.Need to remember.If I get on a desert island, able to hold out until the arrival of shrimp ship.


Found with all the guys a hundred bucks and lost conscience.Boozed not a child, live it up with first-graders.Well, in general, I liked it, I will not hide.Tomorrow, we go back to look for the Bucks.A YMCA unscrewed my typewriter wheel, and, in general, turns brown eyes.I, as taught by dad, asked: "Who are you loaf crumbles, horse foot ?!You whose wheelbarrow Razuvaev, dried gonobobel you ?!Yes, I'm on your tonsils "Chung Chang" played!Walking Cemetery yogurt!That to you nurse only came up with an enema!You bat nursery.To you nail clippers trimmed! ".

described together.I have something to this internally is always ready.And Dima upset, burst into tears, in general, disgraced in full.


during sleep hours, Natasha said that Santa Claus - it's disguised as a dad.Laughed in her face, especially me, bearing in mind the weak financial capacity of actor and his dad.All have long known that Santa Claus - it's drunken actors Spectators who have found some gifts and change them for a hundred grams and a poem.

After-hours sleep again described.Strongly criticized.In spite of all still crap one's pants.Vospitalka razvonyalas.And Cho this - I live a normal man with his weaknesses.


the first time managed to make it to the pot.Sitting, bliss.Vospitalka nurse and emotion to describe.Women, the weaker sex, that they take.Showed Pot Marinka.I admired.Now he is making eyes at me.I begin to understand Ivan the Fool, blockages Koshchey Immortal.


Folder bought sweets under the name "Brandy".Well, that said, my son, one by one, until Nurse no!Taste.Folder said that it was a pleasant surprise the number of alcohol-containing liquids.Most do not remember the Sabbath.

Sunday evening my sister was born.Although oddly sounds: "I was born a sister."If I have someone born and, since only ten years later, pah-pah-pah!In general, my mother had a child, who turned out to be a girl and my sister at the same time.She gave her name Mihryuta.I offered.Suddenly swept.Sister Mihryuta - something to be jiving lifetime.And what you want.Oh, I have to run, I'm sorry ...

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