The climate has changed in the Caucasus

North Caucasus, is not so cold, it says about this name.Who has never been to these places, you do not know that there are many different growing fruit-bearing trees and shrubs fruits and berries, which are in the middle zone of Russia is not found.One of these fruits can give an example whispered - Caucasian peach.Well, if we talk about grapes that turn a long conversation.Vineyards Caucasus can compete only varieties of the Crimea.

And all was well in the North Caucasus, if not a change of climate in the past five years.It is surprising that the movement of the temperature occurs in two directions - in winter low side summer rises by more than 45 degrees.In five years, such temperature troubles, the climate began to change for the worse

Tracing forecast Vladikavkaz in recent years at an average scale, the winters were cold for this time minus ten degrees, and summer became hotter 15degrees.

In North Ossetia, with the most favorable weather conditions was considered Mozdok District.There have always been soft wind, timely rains and a mild sun.The area is famous early cucumbers and tomatoes.Today

Forecast Mozdok deteriorated significantly.Cucumbers not have to live out to the middle of the first summer month, and tomatoes in the middle of July burned by the merciless sun.Without special protection to grow vegetables and fruit was hard.

Old people say that this here was never to vegetables, fruits and berries were burned, as they say, on the vine.They remember that 20-30 years ago, no trees, no shrubs, no winter crops are not killed by frost.Recently, visibly it was cold winter and snow fall was much lower than in previous years.There is no snow in the winter - do not wait for the summer harvest.

There is speculation that these climate woes became apparent after the earthquake in the Indian Ocean, where the axis of the earth shifted by 5 degrees.We can assume that the climate is going to change more than one year, and he will find a stable state - one can not assume.

residents of the North Caucasus are accustomed to eat quality products, grown in their fields, orchards and gardens, so now is the adaptation of cultures and adapting to the new climate.People are made different canopies of protective nets to tomatoes and cucumbers survived, as well as 5-6 years ago, until late autumn.One can only hope for the best.