Compatible signs: Scorpio and Gemini

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Scorpio and Gemini to quickly and easily find each other a common language and come into a close relationship.Gemini like everything new and unknown, they are happy to try to solve the next puzzle.A distinctive feature of the mark is curiosity.Twins perceived unpredictability of world peace.

Scorpio is very complex man with a tough-minded, pushing numerous calls to a certain group of people.He does everything to the fullest: if you like, then for life, without noticing any obstacles, and if you hate, then the rest of his days.

Scorpio attracts freedom and carelessness of Gemini, the diversity of their interests.He loves to explore the people, objects, analyze, communicate intelligently.Gemini - an excellent object for study.

After a while Scorpio understands that the Twins do not stay anywhere, ever, preferring to skim the surface.It requires the devotion of Gemini, is trying to oblige them.His attempts they perceive hostility disappear and never appear.

Even if the Scorpio "let go" of Gemini on the ground and will not pay attention to their meetings and parties with friends, for a long time so will not continue."Water" sign prefers to go out privacy: although he likes to chat, but not to the same extent as the Twins.

Is Scorpio Twins?Will they be together?This is a big question, but from the fleeting romance each of them can enjoy.In marriage they should come only when they think things through properly and will live with at least one year.

Scorpio and Gemini - complete opposites of each other, which can be attracted for a short period of time, and a very long time in that case, if they work on their relationship.

Scorpio woman and the man Gemini

woman, born under the sign of Scorpio, do not want to have a long relationship with a male twin, because for her it is not too reliable.Flirtation and a short novel - that's all she needed from him.

Woman Gemini and Scorpio man

female twins instantly attracts the attention of men of Scorpio.She's witty, mobile, set free, he knows how his interest, remaining elusive and mysterious.These qualities are a magnet Scorpio.He is ready, in spite of everything, to seek the location of this woman.However, it will not spend time on solving his personality, and prefers to anything non-committal attitude.The couple - Scorpio and Gemini - different views on finance, attitude toward sex, love.Serious and demanding Scorpio literally exasperated female twins.Their views on family life at any point intersect.

Love Horoscope Gemini and Scorpio says that sex Scorpio can impress your passion Twins and twin partner in turn - to make something new in his love life.

In general, this couple - Scorpio and Gemini - can create a successful alliance, but only if the partners are ready for mutual concessions.