How to grow white cabbage correctly

Cabbage can be taken in food as fresh (in salads) or cooked, fried and pickled and salted.Grow is a remarkable plant in their area, many vacationers.Later in the article we consider how to grow cabbage is middle and early.

Of course, first of all you must carefully prepare seeds for planting.To subsequently obtain seedlings strong and resistant to frost, planting material should be pre-soaked in a nutrient solution.To this end, in one liter of water diluted with a little less than half a tablespoon nitrophosphate.The seeds should be dipped in this mixture for half a day.Next is a little temper them, put in the refrigerator for a day.

answer to the question of how to grow cabbage, above all boils down to how to get strong and healthy seedlings.The seeds for this definitely need to put in a neutral or slightly acid soil, well-fertilized organic matter.The fact that the cabbage is very sensitive to the amount of nutrients in the soil.Early varieties are best planted seedlings around the middle of March.The mid - mid-April.Once on the plant will be two first leaves, pick carried in separate containers.At the same time we must try to make sure that every bush was buried in the soil before cotyledon leaves.

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Next, consider how to grow cabbages in the open field.Seedlings middle-grades would be best to move into the ground during the period from May 10 to June 1.Early maturing cabbage planted in the garden in late April or early May.When choosing a site is worth considering that the plant is photophilous.In the shade of a good harvest can not be obtained.

Answering a question on how to grow a good crop of cabbage, many experienced gardeners are advised before planting seedlings in the garden to fertilize the soil organic matter.The easiest way to take an ordinary well-rotted manure (4 kg per 1 m2).Very nice also make the soil fertilizer.For this perfect regular ash.It can be easy to scatter before the digging of a bed, and you can add a tablespoon of each well at transplanting.

cabbage are planted at a distance of approximately a little less than half a meter between rows and 20 cm between the bushes.The depth of the wells at the same time should be around 10 cm. The most well-considered planting bushes 15-20 cm and a thickness of about 4 mm stem.Overgrown seedlings is taken is not very good.We must also take into account that the newly planted seedlings are not well tolerate lower temperatures.And so the seedlings are best in the early days when the danger of spring frosts cover film.

mainly in the middle zone of our country's methods of cultivation of this plant are similar.But sometimes gardeners wonder whether there are some nuances in care in certain areas?For example, how to grow cabbage in the suburbs?Of course, the success of this case will depend primarily on how properly selected plant variety.For the Moscow region from early ripening varieties good fit, for example, the June and polarity.Because of mid - Thank-1 and the Belarusian-455.To get a good crop of late varieties for pickling, is to buy seeds Amager 611 or Kharkov winter.

So you now know how to grow cabbage.Fertilize plants should be two to three times per season with a solution of mullein 1: 10, with a frequency of approximately once every two weeks.The first feeding are doing ten days after the seedlings will be moved to the open ground.Watering cabbage twice a week.