How to prepare for ultrasound of the stomach?

Doctors have always tried to get the complete picture of the health of the body.Today, they manage to achieve this.After all, to help physicians to diagnose diseases properly come ultrasound.It is no secret that the success of treatment depends on correctly identified pathology.For the diagnosis of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is used ultrasound.What is the advantage of such an examination?How to properly prepare for it?And what will the stomach ultrasound?

Indications for examination

To understand what the stomach will show US should understand under what conditions of the organism it is administered.The survey recommended that patients who are identified:

  • ulcer;
  • chronic gastritis;
  • painful discomfort in the upper abdomen area;
  • frequent belching or heartburn;
  • indigestion;
  • frequent vomiting.

When recurrent bronchitis, bronchial asthma, copious vomiting of infants is also appointed by ultrasound.This survey will give the doctor a complete picture of the pathology.It allows

you to detect the presence of abnormalities in organ size of the permissible norm.Moreover, ultrasound shows the presence of foreign entities of tumors.

Advantages of ultrasound

Some patients have many questions.What will the stomach ultrasound?Why such a study is preferred?

wide popularity of this survey lies in the following factors:

  • it is perfectly safe;
  • results of US completely reliable;
  • survey is very convenient;
  • ultrasound does not require careful and lengthy preparation;
  • not a costly procedure.

In the study of applied ultrasonic waves.For a man, they are completely safe.The procedure itself takes about fifteen minutes.Therefore adversely affect the patient it can not.

General recommendations

should remember the simple rules.Despite the fact that a thorough preparation for the examination of the patient does not need to be met on the eve of US some recommendations.Adhering to them, give the patient more effectively diagnose the body.

So, how to prepare for ultrasound of the stomach?Make it easy enough.During the three days before the scheduled ultrasound patient must observe a special diet.Such a diet is aimed at eliminating excessive gas formation in the intestine.The diet involves drinking a liquid (1.5 liters) for one day, fractional acceptance of food.At the same time you need to eat small portions.

Excluded products

Avoid foods that can increase flatulence, stomach ultrasound before.Preparation involves the exclusion of the following products:

  • peas, beans;
  • raw fruits and vegetables;
  • baking, brown bread;
  • variety of sweets;
  • fatty meat and fish products;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • dairy products;
  • juices, coffee;
  • alcohol.

In addition, there are a few recommendations.Just before the procedure should not eat mints or chewing gum.

Patients must understand that smoking causes stomach cramps.As a result, patients may be misdiagnosed.

use products

Doctors recommended the procedure to elect the following foods:

  • fish (boiled or steamed);
  • boiled eggs;
  • chicken or beef;
  • low-fat cheese;
  • cereal porridge, cooked in water.

of drugs and procedures

prepare the body for ultrasound may include taking certain medicines:

  1. drugs that reduce flatulence.This activated charcoal, means "simethicone".If you chose the latter drug, it should start taking the day before the ultrasound.And of course morning of the test.
  2. medicines that improve the digestive process.Preparations "Festal," "Mezim."
  3. laxative.People suffering from constipation, the day before the procedure, you must take the herbal preparation "Senade."

For a couple of days before ultrasound is recommended to clean the intestine using an enema.

procedure of preparation for the study is quite simple.However, it is not a binding recommendation.However, its compliance allows more accurately diagnose the condition of the organ.


procedure is appointed, usually in the morning.Held Ultrasound stomach on an empty stomach.The patient must be in possession of non-carbonated water (1 liter), or juice.Before the ultrasound the doctor may recommend a drink a liquid.This will stretch the stomach, so the doctor is better able to consider the condition of the walls, form, function and pathological changes.

How do ultrasound of the stomach?Patients are advised to lie down on the couch.On the abdomen aqueous gel is applied.This makes it possible to displace the remaining air between the sensor and the skin.Starts Survey.The doctor leads the sensor on the abdomen, holding it under a variety of angles.

After a while through the tube is recommended to drink the water.This procedure allows to consider the flow of fluid into the stomach from the esophagus.In addition, more clearly visualized the lower esophagus.The procedure itself takes about an hour.

patient receives ultrasound results immediately after the test.Conclusion printed on the letterhead.His doctor signs and puts a stamp institution.Furthermore, the results recorded on a CD-ROM.This measure allows the doctor to see all the changes described.Useful recording and in case of repeated ultrasound.The doctor will be able to more qualitative assessment of all the changes that have occurred during the course of the disease.

ultrasound is not recommended after the following examinations:

  • EGD;
  • colonoscopy;
  • gastrokinesograph;
  • barium enema.


ultrasound of the stomach is not able to replace endoscopic or radiological examination.However, it gives an idea about the state of the walls of the body, its outer contours, helps to control regression or recurrence of the pathological process.

So what will ultrasonography of the stomach?It features a fully examines and identifies reflex.US will provide information on the thickness of the walls of the stomach, inflammation, tumors.The study significantly clarify the localization of pathology, will study blood flow to distinguish fine structures.This survey provides answers to many questions.

ultrasound of the stomach is able to identify the following states:

  • neoplastic diffuse thickening of the wall;
  • congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis;
  • swelling of the walls;
  • varicose veins;
  • tumor aberrant vessels;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • purchased pyloric stenosis;
  • tumor;
  • lack of differentiation of the walls;
  • gastric carcinoma;
  • mesenchymal tumor;
  • lymphoma of the stomach.

opinions of patients and physicians

most people refer to effective procedures ultrasound stomach.Testimonials indicate that many misunderstood features of the survey.Faced with him the first time, people are asking many different questions, including asking that the US will stomach.

patients receiving this survey, were surprised to ascertain that it is very easy and simple reveals a wide variety of conditions.With this opinion agrees doctors.After ultrasound reveals quite serious pathology in the early stages.The simplicity of the method and the harmlessness allow examination of virtually all patients.