What a night vision scope to choose?

total some several years ago, people could only dream about how to distinguish between subjects and objects in the dark.Until now, this possibility has been exclusively from animals and birds.Since the development of technical progress and the military industry as a whole was able to solve this problem by creating a special equipment and accessories for working at night.Thus was created the night vision sight.What is it?And how to pick it up for yourself?

General description of sights for night vision

sights for night vision - a small-sized device, having a form of monoculars.They are usually installed on mobile equipment such as weapons, in order to facilitate precise shooting in the dark.

Despite the fact that these products are simple appearance, inside they are more complex.For example, night vision sights for hunting consist of the following operating elements:

  • lens;
  • IR illuminator (infrared);
  • batteries;
  • electron-optical converter (EOC);
  • body and eyepiece.

Sight Night Vision is an optical instrument used to conduct aimed fire from small arms at night.These devices can be either fully nocturnal, and have a double (used both day and night) and even triple the appointment (effective during the day, at dusk and at night).Also, similar equipment can be represented in the form of nozzles for standard telescopic sight.

The device is usually mounted directly on top of the weapons in accordance with the axis of the barrel.Use this sight during the defensive battle, to protect objects on the perimeter, in the case of sniping from cover.

What is the principle of the device to work in the dark?

principle of the device for night vision, night vision devices or in short, is to capture the reflected light from the object and multiple increase it.In this case, the light source can be a lamppost, fluorescent lamp, a starry sky or a full moon.

very process of the device is as follows: the reflected light from the light source is transferred to the lens of the sight and then immediately redirected to the converter (EOC);The next step is a multiple increase in the received light device and transfer it to the observer's eye.

eventually transferred to the sight of night vision light signal is processed in a certain way and gets a monochrome look.As a rule, the observer sees the image in shades of green.

If a person with night vision forced to work in the complete absence of light, then he can always use the built-in device with an infrared lamp.Recall that these lamps give out light, recognized by the observer's eye in the long range.

What types of night vision devices are there?

If you are planning to buy night vision scope, you need to know what types of night vision happen.In total, these products can be divided into three types:

  • devices used to monitor objects in the dark;
  • sights for hunting and military weapons;
  • glasses for night vision.

All these types of night vision devices (except the first) can be used as a stand alone product or in combination with the weapon.Also on sale there svetousilivayuschie and thermal imaging devices for night vision.Therefore, the choice of the device will depend on the ultimate goals of the use of equipment and the distance, which is planned to come into direct contact with the enemy or object of observation.

What are night vision devices?

Most devices for night observation in its principle of operation are equivalent to binoculars and periscopes.They are used in the conduct of intelligence operations in the case of land navigation.However, they are not used to perform aimed fire.

Glasses Night Vision: what are they?

Points unlike sight placed at eye level.They are attached to the helmet with special belts, thereby freed his hands.If you plan to use glasses with small arms, must also acquire a special aiming device, as is typically used an infrared laser.

The different models of sights?All models

sights may vary depending on the manufacturer and the destination device.For example, they may have different electro-optical converters.In particular, the difference lies in the characteristics such as resolution and sensitivity of the cathode as well as the frequency of the field.

Furthermore, night vision sight can be optical and digital.At the same time for digital devices that look more massive than optical, characterized by a range finder, a high detection range, more than three kinds of settings, zeroing, the reticle.Optical - sights are compact with a small multiplicity, which can be endowed with additional digital twilight illumination and gyroscopic automated system off and turn on the backlight.

Accordingly, the type of sight, the manufacturer and the product features and will depend on its cost.

on what features to pay attention?

for choosing a digital night vision scope, pay attention to such an important option as a signal / noise (S / N).This value allows to observe the scheduled object in low light areas and without distorting the image.The most advanced models, this value is set on a scale from 3.5 and up to 36. Ideally, you should choose a model in which the rate of not less than 20.

second important point in the choice of sight is the resolution.Generally, it is indicated in the number of pairs per millimeter (lp / mm), and that it depends on the contrast and the frequency of the transmitted image.For example, the image quality is able to transmit digital night vision scope with a resolution of 30 and 70 lp / mm.

third important indicator - the level of sensitivity, measured in Cha / lm.This specification defines a particular relationship set in the device of numerical parameters from the actual exposure.

is also worth remembering that the night vision scopes may vary depending on the type of functioning EOC.They are I and I +, + II, and II, and III generation.

Dance devices with image intensifier I and I + generation

Products with GO I generation are relatively inexpensive.These devices may include, for example, hunting rifles.In addition, the night of the first generation devices are designed for target shooting from a short distance (up to 80-150 m).They are characterized by the following features:

  • presence of clarity in the image entirely in the center;
  • image distortion at the edges;
  • presence of a small resolution.

striking example of such products is a night vision sight "Daedalus" 180 HR (100).This model is equipped with a durable ceramic-metal casing and is perfect for use with smoothbore gun.

One of the advantages of this class, you can select it affordable price.Of the minuses - sensitivity to glare and the limitation of additional options.

generation equipment I + has a higher resolution.It is considered more powerful and has a robust fiber-optic washers that are input and output devices.Although such models tend to have a higher price than I generation image intensifier tube, they are equipped with special protection from stray light.For example, such devices include Pulsar (night vision sight).

Dance devices with image intensifier II and II + generation

second-generation devices are considered a sort of golden mean among other devices in the product range.That is why they are the most popular among amateur hunters who have some experience of shooting at targets.The main advantage of this equipment is that it can be used to perform the work, even in the absence of every kind of lighting.

Also, these devices have a modern aperture filter is responsible for the three- and five-fold increase in the object being studied.In addition, the night of the generation equipment able to distinguish fine detail human silhouette from a distance of 250-300 m.

Generation II + devices have a useful option to increase the capacity of light radiation.Experience shows that this type of device are more sensitive and high-resolution images, so they are often used when working outdoors.For example, such devices include night vision sight Sentinel and model G2 + 3x50, 3x50 G2 + MD and others.

Dance devices with image intensifier generation III

sights for night vision belong to the third generation of professional devices.They have a number of support options to help convey clarity subject of colors and shades.Devices of this type are not suitable for work in the cities, so they are widely used in certain rescue operations in the open countryside.A striking example of companies producing these devices is the Yukon.Night vision sight in her performance has an excellent quality and a high performance.

What to consider when choosing a sight?

Choosing sight for night vision, it is necessary to take into account such nuances as the clarity of the transmitted images.And of course, the clearer will be displayed on the screen of the object of observation, the easier it is to identify it.The second thing to note - the brightness level of the image.The third important point is to assess the strength and durability performance of the equipment.

Then pay attention to the possibility of approximating the image in the process of working with the unit.For example, it may be three- and four-fold increase.Also look at such factors as the diameter of the lens, the field of view angle, focus, weight and dimensions.Besides read, choosing night vision sight, reviews.For example, many beginners enjoy the sights of the first generation.Seasoned observers of the arrow and choose generation equipment II, II + and III.

In addition, coming to you like a model run, inquire characteristics and features of the device.In particular, many sights are suitable only to a certain brand of weapons.

Also, if you want to test in practice the real capabilities of the device, you can always use the popular service today - a test drive.Thanks to her, you can select 2-3 models of sights and spend their approbation within two weeks.

In summary, picking up the sight, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of its acquisition, terrain and other nuances.