Adultery - what is it?

In this article, we will talk to you about an important topic today - adultery.Many people have heard that this kind of offense is considered a sin, meanness, infamy, pollution of the soul, and so on.. But if you ask: "Adultery - what is it?", Not everyone will be able to clearly answer.Therefore, that your knowledge in this area have become more extensive, below we will discuss the mentioned question as fully as possible.But first, let us remember what sin is and what action the church refers to the sinful.

Mortal sins

list of violations of religious precepts (that such a definition is the concept of "sin") is extensive, but the main, or mortals, are not everything.The latter include those vices that have other nelitseprityanye actions.More, we are not going to paint them as the theme of our conversation is somewhat different, confine ourselves to a simple listing.So, what the church meant by the phrase "mortal sins"?List represented by seven (in the Eastern Christian tradition - eight) positions:

  1. Pride.
  2. Envy.
  3. Anger.
  4. Depression.
  5. Greed.
  6. Gluttony.
  7. adultery (fornication).

That's the last we'll talk in more detail.

Adultery: what is it?

Adultery is a sin and a large part of the 10 Commandments.Usually associated with betrayal and infidelity.In the old days, to commit such wrongdoing be executed, because the act of this kind was regarded as wicked and diabolical act.Succumbing to a love and sexual attraction to the opposite sex, a person commits adultery, destroys the family.Moreover, adultery is considered illegitimate intimate relationship between man and woman.Particularly acute, this problem in Muslim countries.In the Holy Quran the Almighty Allah says the following words: "Do not go near adultery, for it is an abomination and nasty way."Also banned is the commandment of the divorce, lust and desire in relation to other people's wives and husbands.

What exactly is adultery?

And yet, what people have in mind when speaking of sin such as adultery?What it is?Only if extramarital sex life, relationship with other people's companion or maybe something else?Many people today can not distinguish between the sin of the human relationships that are full of love and future plans for a happy life together.In order for you to be able to understand this issue, we present a few examples that clearly characterize sinful sexual relations:

  1. unmarried lone man entered into a sexual relationship with a married woman - a vivid example of adultery, which will later be punished.
  2. married man entered a sexual relationship with a married lady - this also applies to the transgression before us, for a woman's heart belongs to another.
  3. affair between relatives (brother and sister, niece and uncle, and so on. D.) Too, are mortal sins.

addition to the above, adultery can be safely attributed any sexual fantasy, in which there is a woman, belonged to another man.For example, Yeshua said, "... whosoever looketh on a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."Now, unresolved question remains, what is not adultery, and whether to enter into relationship with an unmarried woman?Let us examine this point in more detail:

  1. connection between lonely unmarried man and an unmarried woman is not adultery only if the partners are planning to in the near future to join the union.If after sexual intercourse man does not dare to offer the lady's hand and heart - it is called fornication.
  2. man who is already in a marital relationship, sleeping with an unmarried single woman is obliged to propose to her and called to her house to the place of his second wife, but in this case, a sexual relationship will not be considered adultery, otherwise this kind of intimate relationshipThey called fornication.

punishment for adultery

What is adultery and fornication, we are Bole or less sorted out, now it is necessary to talk about the consequences and penalties that may suffer committed every sin of this kind.For his lust for the opposite sex, betrayal, disgrace, or else for any other similar sin unmarried man deserves one hundred lashes strong, in addition, it expelled from the society for exactly a year.So adultery is punished in Islam.And we dare to assure you, it's flowers.And no matter who was accused of wrongdoing - male or female, will punish both of them.Although, of course, with women more demand.With regard to the adulterers who are married, or else consisted before sinned, they have been treated most cruelly, throwing stones to the last breath.It is believed that a person commits adultery necessarily burn in hell, and the only salvation for him is zamalivanie sins and sincere repentance.

Exactly what Muslims believe adultery?

Adultery in Islam is considered a terrible crime.Note that the command dedicated to the sexual depravity of man, have they called "zina".For Muslims, "zina" - is mating with a female inmate without Shariah contract.According to them, because of the sin of the world segodyan suffers terrible catastrophe and disaster.In addition, children of God believe that any intimate relationship with a woman who gave her virginity to another man and heart, sooner or later lead to the collapse and the end of the world.Prophet Muhammad also noted that all the people who allowed themselves to commit adultery, lack of faith.If the person leaves the faith, it weakens and becomes vulnerable.Well, the question: "Adultery.What is it for the Muslims? "Can be considered closed.Brief summary:

  1. Firstly, the Muslim "zina" - is illegitimate intimate relationship with another woman.
  2. Secondly, it is coveted glance at the woman.
  3. Third, even dissolute word falls into this category.

This sin of the Messenger of Allah said: "The eye is a look fornication, adultery language are the words."The very same God calls all young people, who today have the opportunity to get married, do it as quickly as possible, because the only chance to save yourself from unnecessary views and immoral words and zines - a marriage.In the event that at the moment this is not possible - fasting is the only salvation.

What sweet retribution for sin?

today for the sin of adultery, Muslims are experiencing severe punishment - hadd.It implies a physical torture.However, such a penalty is possible only if the sinner resides in the territory of Islam, is mentally balanced and not backward, aware of the sinful act of adultery.As you can see, it's pretty serious.Incidentally, in the old days, the penalty was not less severe.So, if the woman married woman is not a virgin, her stoned to death, and if the husband gave a false accusation, he had no right to divorce her and was required to pay her father 100 shekel.Also, the death penalty was waiting for a man who allowed himself to dishonor betrothed bride.If a free woman was subjected to violence, killed only the perpetrator, if the slave was unhappy - both punished.

Orthodoxy and adultery

And what is adultery in Orthodoxy?The first sin is meant by this betrayal, the intimate connection between the betrothed with a special, unmarried, as well as sexual intercourse with a free man betrothed.By exchanging rings during a wedding, husband and wife vow their allegiance and love to God, to the Cross, the Gospel.Breaking previously promised, thus they like cheat their witnesses.The sin of adultery in Orthodoxy does not mean corporal punishment of the guilty, but is condemned by God.In addition, it is believed that the guilty person is divided into two halves, as if torn between his wife and mistress, or between husband and lover.Many believe that the body is divided sooner or later die, taking with him all the reins of marriage.Therefore it can be concluded that the broken promise of fidelity and love for each other will always be considered a sin, which, one way or another, affect the life of a traitor or a traitor.And remember that a marriage entered into before God, can not be rastorzhen.Is that one of the spouses will go to the other world.

1 Cor.7, 39: "The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband dies, is free to marry anyone she wishes, only in the Lord."

What consequences await person for adultery?

Like any sin, adultery fraught with consequences that can play with a man bad joke.We offer more detail to make out the issue.

  1. Many believers think that a person commits adultery, stealing a piece of flesh neighbor, thereby committing theft.
  2. commit a sin, a person automatically exist in this world, on a par with animals.
  3. believed that commit adultery possessed by an evil spirit, it is equated to the devil, who is not in effect be cleansed from sin.This state of the Bible called the deep abyss of the human.
  4. Muslim zina contributes to the destruction of human flesh.Sin destroys the health of the offender.It is believed that the sinner himself chooses a path that will ultimately lead to his death.
  5. person who commits adultery is deprived of his property.Those who commit sin to live rich and bathed in luxury, is sure to become a beggar.
  6. sinned, this man gives rise to rumors and gossip, incurs a shame that directly harm his reputation.It is appropriate to saying, "When a person dies - notoriety continues to live!ยป
  7. Adultery is punishable by death."If someone commits adultery with the wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor's wife, - shall be put to death, both the adulterer and the adulteress."
  8. not repent of their sins, man destroys the soul.As they say, lust accompanies the sinner and his soul in the fires of hell.
  9. adulterer destroys not only his soul, but the soul of the chosen one.In fact, it is one of the most horrific consequences of adultery, because, having sinned, the offender dragged to hell and soul partner.
  10. God can be angry at the adulterer and deprive him of his reason and intellect.
  11. In a family where there is a place commits adultery will never love and understanding.

woman and adultery

day, that Jesus put in an awkward position for him before all the people, the religious leaders brought a harlot, which will be called after the "woman taken in adultery."According to the law of Moses, it was to be killed, stoned.The leaders skillfully took advantage of the situation by offering to destroy the fallen individual female.In fact, their only goal was - to tempt Jesus to catch on distorting the word, to be a cause for universal condemnation.But all their efforts were in vain.The only thing that Jesus said, sounded like this: "Who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."Of course, the area in which the crowd began to be released, and ultimately on the street was only a sinner, and He.Since then, everything has changed, the former adulteress repented and promised not to return to the old way of life.The moral is: never too late to repent of their sins, the main thing - time to realize his desire to be righteous in our world.

atones for the sin of adultery

In the Qur'an, Allah says: "Verily, Allah's forgiveness of those who commit evil act in ignorance and repent soon.Such Allah forgives.Indeed, Allah - knowing, wise! "Many people know how to repent for the many offenses committed during his lifetime, and not to repeat them again.But repentance - is half the battle.Behind them come the redemption.And here is more complicated.How to atone for the sin of adultery?A lot of people are drawn to this question to the spiritual master or priest in the church.The question, of course, complex.As has been said above, adultery is one of the deadly sins, which destroys human life.However, as they say church leaders, if sincerely and truly with great faith, repent, ask for forgiveness, the Almighty to forgive the sinner and give a chance for continued existence.To further guard against the temptation to sin, there is one good tool - a prayer of adultery and fornication.

How to protect yourself and your soul?

On the question everyone must answer yourself.For someone reading this article, react to all of this with disdain;someone in his life more than once faced with adultery, but does not know how to deal with it, and therefore will not try;there are those who make the right conclusions, and try to live their lives with dignity.How to protect yourself from temptation?Probably, there need only faith, faith in yourself and your life partner.Sincere, pure love, respect and understanding, intelligence and ability to behave in hands will do the job: you're sure will live with your partner a long and happy life full of meaning.And finally advise only one thing: fill your life with good, kind, light chores, respect their relatives and loved ones, love your wives, husbands and children, pray for the health of their own and others and, most importantly, never commit adultery!