What clearance "Renault Logan"?

In 1998, the French automotive group Renault launched a new project to create a family-type sedan priced.The finished model is presented to the public in 2004.Serial production of the vehicle under the designation L90 began in Romania at the "Dacia".A year later, it was arranged assembly "Renault Logan" on the line of the Moscow Avtoframos plant, and in 2007, the car began to collect in the joint venture "Mahindra & amp; Renault" in the Indian city of Nashik.Features "Renault Logan" were determined taking into account the characteristics of the region operating a motor vehicle, for example, Brazil's installed engine capacity of 1 liter, 70 hp, but he could work on low-octane gasoline and ethanol.Car Engines "Renault Logan", supplied to the Russian market, meet the standards of Euro-3 and Euro-4, their volume of 1.6 liters with a power of 105 hp, fuel for such engines require high-octane.

Economy Car

In autumn Motor Show 2012 in Paris, there was a presentation of the new "Renault Logan" notchback and hatchback Sandero.Finally, in April 2013 in Geneva, it was a modification to the body "city".On this project, "Renault Logan" developers worked out the latest methods of computer designing assemblies and parts, ultra-modern technology would save about 20 million euros.Before producers of aggregates, body components and power plant with transmission was tasked to bring the project "Renault Logan" on the value of the euro within 5000.The machine was originally focused on the sale and exploitation in third world countries.The share of manual labor in the manufacture of high car was laid, as the automatic assembly line is much more expensive.

ground clearance - one of the main problems

From the perspective ride on Russian roads clearance "Renault Logan" calculated within 155 mm, while the European version is only 135-140 mm.But Russian buyers are buying the car unanimously said that low.Indeed, the majority of machines designed for operation in Russia, the clearance is 170 mm, and even this figure does not always correspond to the operating conditions on the Russian roads.Recently, the Russian automotive market creates a paradoxical situation, manufacturers are trying to reduce passenger cars ride height to reduce the center of gravity and improving vehicle stability and ride on such a car more difficult.The reason - bad roads, bumps, potholes, bumps.The question of whether a clearance at the "Renault Logan" is quite relevant.Before the driver is constantly looming problem of low planting his car.Since any problem needs to be addressed, it is necessary to look for ways to increase ride height to hang smaller sump, bottom bracket shock absorbers and other protruding parts chassis for road irregularities.

ground clearance and wheel

If we talk about increasing the ground clearance of the car on its own, then this there are several ways.To lift the machine at a distance of one and a half centimeters, enough to replace the factory standard tires vysokoradialnye.For example, tires 195 / 65R14 195 / 70R14.Clearance thus increase, albeit only slightly.You can do more radical and installed on the vehicle wheels R15.In this case, the clearance "Renault Logan" will increase significantly, but it is possible, if the rotation of the wheel arches allow larger wheels without touching, rubbing and other related phenomena.Therefore, you need to select the wheels also in width.It should also see how the new wheel arch fits into a niche in the corner.Furthermore, we must bear in mind that when installing wheels R15 inevitable errors in the speedometer.


Specifications "Renault Logan" clearance which needs to increase, allow you to make some changes.In order to raise the machine above are used constructive ways to increase ride height.One of them is the installation of the rack spring seat of so-called spacers.It is structurally simple products repeating radial contour rack made of aluminum.For a set of spacers supplied mounting bolts.The height of this spacer is 20-25 mm, which together with the new wheels can achieve a significant increase in ride height of the car.To install the spacer, it is necessary to slightly raise the front of the machine jack, loosen the central nut and pull off the spring ties.Then dismantle the stand and knock the regular bolts of its fastening.Then drive in the new longer screws and install the spacer.As a result of the clearance "Renault Logan" will rise to 25 mm.The rear portion is lifted in a similar manner but the spacer is used with rubber.Of course, before you insert these items, they need to choose the right.On sale is a set of spacers of different sizes, made of different materials.It is important to observe full compliance with the parameters of the new parts and the seat.

Clearance and turns

Often clearance is reduced due to the natural shrinkage of the depreciation of the springs, which is due to the constant high load the luggage and passenger compartment.In this case, replace the spring with new ones.It is possible to take advantage of the situation and replace the old springs reinforced, standard cargo, which will be more in line with the conditions of use of the vehicle.Self increase clearance "Renault Logan" in a small range, 15-30 mm, not entail any negative consequences, except for errors in the speedometer.

center of gravity

However, if the clearance of 30 mm or more, you have to be alert to the possibility that it will become harder to operate the machine.Since the center of gravity was the higher the payment terms and the balance of the whole chassis is already in some degree broken, it has to avoid sharp turns and bends, as they can be dangerous.Before increasing the clearance "Renault Logan" is necessary to determine the optimal values ​​of the expected clearance and only then get to work.