The celebrations in the royal houses: the wedding in Sweden and name in Britain

Last weekend in the royal houses of Europe was once two happy events.In Britain marked the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (the real falls on April 21).A little further north, in Sweden, married the heir to the throne, the third in line to the throne - Prince Carl Philip .

Crowned grandmother knocked 89 years, but it still cheerful (still does horseback riding) and boasts a clarity of mind.It is worth noting that longevity - heirloom kind Windsor , her mother, and Elizabeth, lived for 102 years.

Elizabeth II - the oldest British (English) monarch in history.It currently ranks second in the history of the residence on the British throne after Queen Victoria .

Celebrations Square birthday of the British throne received colorful, and the weather did not disappoint.In addition to the queen, a special delight cast caused her great-grandson, Prince George, and his mother, Catherine Middleton, only a month ago gave the wife and the future king, Prince William of another child - a girl named Charlotte.

And Swedes cheered on another occasion.Another Cinderella became a princess - in Stockholm married the son of the Swedish king and reality TV star.The wedding took place in the church Slottschyurka in the royal palace.

He is 35 - 31. her Prince Carl Philip - the second child of the royal couple and the third in line to the throne after his elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria and niece - Princess Estelle. Carl Philipp enjoys photography and graphic design, is involved in motor racing.

His fiancee Sofia Hellkvist studied at the School of Business and English in New York, worked as a yoga teacher and a volunteer in an orphanage in Ghana.I tried myself as a photo model and starred in the reality show Paradise Hotel.

Prince and Sofia been together for five years, last year they announced their engagement.

After the wedding, accompanied by the couple drove through the Horse festively decorated central Stockholm.The ceremony ended with gun salute - a volley of 21 announced the happy event in the royal family.

Carl Philipp carries the title Duke Vermlandskogo. Sofia Hellkvist now has the title of Princess and Duchess Vermlandskoy.

Photo Source: WENN