GAZ-33081: car specifications

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Probably each of us remembers the existence of the legendary All-terrain truck-called "66th lawn."On the properties of its patency and survival on the roads, you can talk for hours, but today's article will be devoted to the successor of the all-terrain vehicle.It is called the GAZ-33081.Technical specifications, fuel consumption and the cost of the car - later in this article.


GAZ-33081 is a medium-duty trucks terrain, capable of operating in the most difficult weather conditions.As shown by the test results, this machine is able to move both in the wilderness and in the Far North at temperatures from plus to minus 50 ° C.GAZ-33081 was designed specifically for the needs of the Russian army and for organizations operating in full off-road capability.The developed model will get universal truck, which is able to pass through the most difficult terrain.It is worth noting that on the basis of the vehicle produced not only tilts and side vans, and cars with isothermal body, tanks, and other special machinery for agriculture, construction and oil companies.


Outwardly, this car is an absolute copy of the petrol version of GAZ-3307.It can be said that the modification of 33081 - a hybrid of two cars - GAZ-66 and 3307. From the first frame was taken and chassis, the second - the body and cabin.The design of the truck does not have any distinctive or special parts.All the elements are quite simple, and it concerns not only foreign, but also the technical part.But what has the GAZ-33081 "Huntsman 'specifications, we will tell you a little bit later, but for now let's move into the interior.


internal design of the machine, as well as appearance, almost no different from the interior of the truck GAZ-3307.All pointer instruments are made in a round format, at least on the instrument panel superfluous things and elements.

note that modification of "Sadko" comes off the assembly line with an upgraded heating and ventilation system.Cabin itself can be executed in two variations and be two- or five-seater (for example, can become a model of GAZ-33081 "Huntsman").Technical characteristics of its motor allows the truck to operate anywhere in the world, in the cab is always maintained zero temperature.

But back to the salon.The driver's seat has a mechanical adjustment in two directions.It is equipped with lateral support rollers and three-point seat belt.

dashboard design in comparison with the 66th "lawn" markedly improved.Pleases presence shift paddles and a new combination of the dashboard, the information which is easy to read.

Among the pleasant things should be noted the presence of the hooks for clothes, side pockets and a bright lamp Interior lighting.Perhaps the only drawback in - it is a huge vast wheel.In the presence of the hydraulic amplifier diameter could be reduced by half.Once inside there is no handrail to facilitate boarding and alighting.With them, according to the drivers to get into the room it would be much more convenient.By the way, on the 66th, "lawn" grab bars in the cabin was.

dimensions and clearance

Unlike their counterparts, models 3307 and 3309, all-wheel drive "Sadko" and "Huntsman" have elongated versions.Their standard dimensions: length 6.43 meters, width - 2.34 m, height - 2.52 meters.

dimensions of the loading platform are as follows: 3.39 x 2.145 x 0.51 m (length / width / height, respectively).They, too, are the same for all versions of GAZ-33081.Engine Specifications and low curb weight make it the best wheel ATVs in Russia.Of particular note is the ground clearance.Ground clearance is 31.5 cm. This is sufficient to overcome the steep descents, as well as any dirt and bumpy terrain.

GAZ 33081: Specifications

Diesel - the only fuel that runs the propulsion of the vehicle.GAZ-33081 is equipped with two types of engines.This may be the Minsk D-245 or 534-YaMZ Yaroslavl.Both engines are four-cylinder.

Displacement Motor D-245 is 4.75 liters.Its maximum torque at 2400 rpm is 413 N / m.The maximum capacity of the unit - 117 horsepower.This is enough to accelerate the car loaded with two tons of cargo to the speed of 100 kilometers per hour (on a paved road).But on the roads and the engine is not inactive.If not for the excellent technical characteristics, GAZ-33081 "Sadko" was hardly as popular as it is now.

As for Yaroslavl YMZ-534 unit, which is installed on some versions of GAZ-33081, the technical characteristics of his are.The total working volume is 4.43 liters, maximum power of 135 horsepower.Torque at 2300 rpm - 417 N / m.Due to the greater mass of the engine capacity of the vehicle on the passport data is reduced to the level of 1,500 kg.But experience shows that even with a three-ton load machine copes with a dirt road.The only negative regarding the technical part is the lack of a winch.66 minutes "lawn" she established the factory, but the civilian version of "Sadko" have to upgrade yourself.

not forgotten the developers and the environment.Emissions-two power plants fully comply with environmental standards "Euro-4".Fuel consumption at the same time - 23 liters per 100 kilometers.This is the real consumption of the truck GAZ-33081.Specifications of the machine are always on top.


Regardless of the type of engine Gorky rover staffed synchronized five-speed manual transmission.Optimum selection of gear ratios and the availability of all-wheel drive allows the machine to transport loads in any weather at any temperature.In addition, the car is equipped with two-stage transfer gearbox and power take-off.All this along with a 31-centimeter ground clearance makes it possible to conquer the steep slopes (up to 31o) and deep fords without problems.


What is GAZ-33081 specifications, we have learned now about the cost of the truck on the primary market.The initial cost of the vehicle "Sadko" in Russia is 847 000 600 rubles.For this price the buyer is offered rear-wheel drive chassis with power steering and ABS.The most expensive option can be purchased at a price of 187 000 rubles.For this price is offered all-wheel drive "Sadko" with engine D-245, hydraulic actuator, ABS and side platform.GAZ-33081 - technical specifications speak for themselves!