What is Futsal?

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The popularity of the game of the sport is increasing every year.What is football, and how it differs from the classic football?And you play it in modern Russia?

What futsal?

This fast, very dynamic and, at the same time, elegant game is gaining popularity worldwide.The term comes from the combination of the words "football in the hall."

What futsal?This is a sports game, referring to the category of command.In fact, it's the same classic football.And only key difference lies in the fact that the players "chase" the ball on the green lawn of a football field, and a solid floor indoors.

homeland futsal can be considered to Uruguay.Rules of the game invented in the 30s of the last century, a certain Juan Carlos Seriani.World Futsal Association (AMF) was established only in 2002, although the first world championship in this sport took place in 1982.


Futsal is often confused with another similar game - mini-football.However, there are significant differences.If the mini-football - more technical game, which is of particular importance fidelity passes, the futsal - is a contact game, where a lot of time is spent on a tough fight for the ball.

In fact, split into two separate sport occurred only in the 80s.Just then there was the first time the term "futsal".

answer the question "what is futsal?"it is impossible, without examining the rules of the game.Thus, the matches are conducted on a smooth solid surface and (most of all - of wood) with a rectangular platform 38 parameters 20 meters (minimum).The width of the futsal goal is three meters, and height - 2.

The game is played by two teams, each of which - five players.The number of possible replacements for the match - unlimited.One game lasts, according to the official rules, the two halves of 20 minutes each.In futsal allowed tackles (what distinguishes the sport of mini-football).

Futsal Russia

play this exciting game in Russia.The first national championship for the sport took place in late 1993.And the first Futsal championship had acquired the capital club "Poligran."By the way, he is the absolute record for the number of titles (of "Poligran" Stavan champion Russia Futsal 5 times).

Since 1992, the country also regularly passes and Russian Futsal Cup.The strongest futsal clubs in the country are Moscow "Poligran", "Dynamo" and "Spartacus" and "concentrate" of Yakutia.

Thus, futsal - is a beautiful and dynamic game, which every year attracts more and more attention.