Clairvoyant Joon: biography and personal life

recently left our world famous healer Juna.Biography of this great women today are interested in her many fans both in Russia and abroad.Where was born June?Who was her husband?Answers to these and other issues contained in the article.

Juneau biography healer

Eugenia Davitashvili (so really call our heroine) was born on 22 July 1949 in the village of Urmia (Krasnodar region).Her father - an emigrant from Iran.By nationality Joon - Assyrian.It all began.Father Juneau Yuvash Sardis, arrived in the Soviet Union from Iran on business.But he fell in love with a local girl and stayed in the village.According to numerous relatives healer, it was a copy of his father.Yuvash Sardis also has psychic powers.He could predict the future.The man even knew the date of his death.

As for the mother, with her at Juna always had a strained relationship.She thought her daughter bizarre and some antics and girls at all frightened her.

Childhood and adolescence

Life Juna and her family was not exactly happy.Money is never enough.Sometimes the house was not even a crust of bread.In order to somehow help the parents, the girl was 13 years old went to work.She was accepted into one of the Kuban collective farm.Juna performing missions for adults.

After school, our heroine entered the College of Film and Television, located in Rostov.There she studied for two years.Yevgenia Sargis (Juna) decided to go to medical school.She managed to pass the exams.Later, she went on the distribution in Tbilisi (Georgia).


That lives in Tbilisi clairvoyant Joon first learned chairman of Gosplan Nikolai Baibakov.Soon Davitashvili Eugene brought to Moscow by a special flight.Seer Juna, as it was called in the people, I did not want to leave Georgia.But she knew what "big" people are behind Baibakov.And if the healer did not agree to go voluntarily to the Russian capital, it would be sent there by force.

what awaits our heroine in Moscow?Clairvoyant Joon held various testing.Several Research Institute experimented on it.By the end of the day a woman is exhausting, it strongly enough just to get to bed.Joon suffered because of separation from her beloved husband.But unless someone was interested in her experiences?Eugenia Davitashvili thought man is a kind of phenomenon.


her day was like this.At any time of the Juneau could call the machine, without any warning.Healer took them to another lab.Checking abilities Juna looked like being in a torture chamber.Eugene Yuvashevna wound up in a dark room and ordered to work.She could not refuse.Once Juna even ordered to undress completely.This occurred because one of the employees felt that she had hidden on his body magnets.They, of course, was never found.


In 1990 prophetess Joon established the International Academy of Sciences of the alternative.It was then found out about it the whole country.At various times in the techniques Eugenia Davitashvili came Leonid Brezhnev, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, comedian Arkady Raikin Vladimir Vysotsky, Sofia Rotaru and others.Soon the fame of the woman, treating her hands spread far beyond the USSR.By June celebrity guests began to arrive from abroad.Among them are the director Federico Fellini, Pope John Paul II, actor Robert De Niro.

main technique used Joon, was a non-contact massage.She was only one session to diagnose a person has a particular disease and to cure it.This healer never prescribed drugs, drugs and medicines, and also do not cancel a doctor's prescription.

itself Eugenia Davitashvili repeatedly became the subject of research scientists.They simply did not believe in the existence of her gift.I always wondered when the hands Juna heated so that the resulting heat enough to heat the body of another person.This "trick" the healer could perform at a distance.This method Juna called Therapeutic Touch.Experiments have shown that this is a physical, not a hypnotic effect on people.


jung, whose biography is now of interest to many, has patented 13 inventions in the medical field.Want to learn more?One of her works called biocorrector "Joon-1."This physical therapy unit, which has no analogues in the world.It should be used for treatment and prevention of diseases in the field of gynecology, pediatrics, urology and cardiology.

unequivocal attitude to Juna never was.Someone thought her a witch, and who, on the contrary, called the messenger of God.The Christian Church approve of Eugenia Davitashvili.This was one case in a million.At a time when many words Juna not taken seriously, she decided to prove that the non-contact massage helps get rid of various diseases.Patriarch Pimen was interested in this and invited Eugene Yuvashevna yourself.At the end of the session he felt an incredible surge of energy.And from the back pain was gone.In the future Patriarch repeatedly hosted June, he spoke with her and consulted on various occasions.And in gratitude for the friendship and support healer gave a gold watch, "Nairi", decorated with a scattering of precious stones.

Our heroine visited the Vatican and the Pope.Details of their conversation will remain forever a mystery.It is known that the head jung gave the Catholic Church a painting called "Mary Magdalene."

popularity in the late 1980s - early 1990s Eugenia Davitashvili became a media person.She was invited to participate in the programs that appeared on the central channels.And June always answered yes.Despite the fame, Eugene Yuvashevna never turn up their noses and do not suffer the "star disease".

What else does prophetess Joon?Biography of our heroine indicates that it was a multi-faceted personality.She painted the picture, when you look at that breathtaking.Mystic and surrealism - favorite themes Juneau.

At various times, the healer has received more than 30 awards and medals.In April 1994, Russian President Boris Yeltsin personally gave her the Order of "Friendship of Peoples."Many do not know that Juna had the title of Hero of Socialist Labour of the USSR.

If you think that everything around June and loved admired her abilities, something very wrong.Skeptics and detractors always enough.These people were called healer charlatan and "Rasputin in a skirt."But the vast majority of inhabitants of the country believed it and hoped for her help.


healer always helped people in the most difficult situations.But I was very happy to Juneau?Personal life of our heroine went well at first.A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia sent.It was in Tbilisi Eugene Sardis (Juna) met her future husband - Victor Davitashvili.Together they spent a few happy years.

Soon the couple first child was born - son of Vakhtang.It would seem that now June and Victor has everything to be happy.But fate decided otherwise.Eugenia Davitashvili was taken to Moscow for examination by the phenomenon.The separation from her beloved husband inflicts severe mental pain clairvoyant.However, she knew that because of her just did not fall behind.Juna passed testing, participated in the experiments and was hoping to get back to Georgia.But this did not happen.Her marriage fell apart and Victor Davitashvili.The only reminder of the recent happy time was her son Vakho.Only for him Joon continued to live.

said that the seer had many admirers among her celebrity clients.But none of them was able to win the heart of the obstinate beauties.Joon even refused to courtship to Robert De Niro.

Was the marriage?

At the end of the 80s healer met composer Igor Matvienko.They talked like best friends.And for all the news came as a surprise that Juna and Igor got married.This happened in 1986.However, the status of husband and wife, they were only 24 hours.It is against their relationship made Juna Davitashvili's son?Biography healer indicates that no romantic feelings for Igor Matviyenko, she did not have.A married him in spite of it to his half-brother, whom the eve strongly quarreled.

scandal with Pugacheva

Our heroine always stood obstinate and irascible character.Once it got to and from the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva.It happened in 1986 or 1987.Pugacheva has invited a clairvoyant to his home and offered a glass of vodka.Juna refused.And then Diva grabbed her by the hair and told: "Come drink!".At the time, the house was full of guests, including famous musicians and artists.Such humiliation Eugenia Davitashvili could not tolerate.She picked up a crystal vase and smashed it on the head of Alla.Bloody brawl ensued.Guests barely managed to separate the two great women.Since Pugacheva and June did not want to hear one another.Over the years, they were mortal enemies.

Jung biography: the death of his son

Research and welcome people in need of assistance, took away most of the time the healer.But the work has never been a major element in her life.In first place was always the favorite son Vakho.

In November 2001, strong and muscular guy in the car went to the pharmacy.Outdoor Spiridonovka his "Volga" got into a car accident.Vakho just wanted to miss a pedestrian crosses the street.But he lost control and collided with another car.Vakhtang was badly damaged.Eugenia Davitashvili refused to put his son to the hospital.For months she nursed him.

doctors say that after such injuries should be at least 2 months lying in bed.But treatment Juna has brought good results.Vic got up as early as 3 weeks after the accident.Fused collarbone and bruising miraculously resolved.The boy felt better and went to the bath with your friends.December 3, 2001 Vakhtang died.Cause of death: cardio-vascular dystonia.He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky Vakho.

Juna could not imagine life without his beloved son.She tried several times to commit suicide.But it saved.Eugenia Davitashvili outlived her son for 14 years.All this time she was tormented and bitter tears lila.

June 8, 2015 Joon healer left this world.She was buried in the cemetery next to the Vagankovsky favorite son Vakho.

In conclusion

Now you know what life's trials and hardships passed June.Biography says that she always helped others, not thinking about yourself.Eternal memory of this great woman ...