Carlos Rodriguez: a man without a brain lives today

What is the most important organ of the person?Almost everyone answered without hesitation that it is the brain.We all know that the nervous system controls all the processes in the body.How do you respond to the message that the lives these days American Carlos Rodriguez - a man without a brain in a very real physiological sense?

Unusual detention

In 2010, US police arrested is not quite an ordinary person.The suspect was charged with robbery, possession of drugs and prostitution.The arrested Carlos Rodriguez acted in a police station adequately, he dutifully photographed, fingerprinted, and began to fill a standard questionnaire.Problems arose when the line was left blank "distinctive features".The thing is, Carlos Rodriguez - "a man without a brain," just so he christened the media.This guy has no forehead, and accordingly, the frontal lobes, and with them - a significant fragment of the skull.

Carlos Rodriguez - a man without a brain.What happened to him, how he has become so?

From birth this guy was a perfectly normal and nothing on the physical parameters not radically different from their peers.In adolescence, Carlos contacted the bad company and started to drink alcohol and drugs.The tragedy that changed his life occurred when he was 14 years old.Being in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication, Carlos stole a car and had an accident.During the collision the teenager flew through the windshield and hit his head on the asphalt.The doctors managed to save his life, but a significant fragment of the skull and the brain had to be removed.

brain injury is not always fatal

remarkable fact - after all operations and rehabilitation period the patient, who lost a significant portion of the brain, has not changed.He retained all the memories and mental abilities.Despite the fact that Carlos Rodriguez - "a man without a brain" (photos in this article clearly demonstrates), he continues to smile, able to keep the conversation on a variety of topics, fast and appropriate answers to these questions.Scientists so far there is no exact explanation as to how you can live without a brain and keep most of the mental functions.Popular in scientific circles the hypothesis that partially replaces the traditional organ of thought nerve endings located in the abdomen.

Can you live without a brain?

worth noting that Carlos Rodriguez became famous immediately after his arrest in 2010, it was then that his photographs appeared on the Internet.For a long time the public debate: it is a real photo or installation.But in fact, with such pathology lives not only by Carlos Rodriguez."A man without a brain" is also in China.It's a boy Ho Guozhu, who was born in 2000.At 6 years old he was diagnosed, indicating an inflammatory disease of the brain.In order to save the child, the doctors had to remove the entire right side of the brain and skull fragment.Some time Guozhu was like Ho Carlos Rodriguez, but it was decided to have plastic surgery and return to normal appearance of the boy.To solve this problem a plate manufactured from titanium.The operation of its installation was successful, and now Ho Guozhu nothing outwardly no different from their peers.

what do the Carlos Rodriguez - a man without a brain, known to the whole world?Today he writes a video message, whose main purpose - to confirm the reality of his personality and the existing physiological characteristics.In his commercials, he encourages young people to abandon bad habits and care.Carlos claims that occurred in his life tragedy had taught him a lot.However, despite this fact, various sources claim that smoking marijuana a person with half a brain has not stopped.