How beautiful on the AVU sfotkatsya for social networking?

How beautiful sfotkatsya at AVU (avatar)?This question arises in many girls and not only they, the young people also do not give up a good photo on the page in the social networks.Nowadays, virtual communication is very fashionable and widespread.Social networks have become one of the most important places in the life of every person aged 12 to 30 years.This is not surprising, because such services provide a lot of opportunities.

In the social network you can find a lot of interesting information, to communicate, to find like-minded, and even find love.Therefore, young people in different ways to decorate their page.Someone adds original status, some pictures.But a very important element of the page is Av.Photos in the profiles are the hallmark of every person, so you should give up the awkward shots.

rules that will help you get a picture of your dream:

  • How well sfotkatsya at AVU?Front of the lens is necessary to behave as naturally as possible.Do not ape, scary show or, on the contrary, funny faces - it's all unnecessary and only gets a good shot.Just sit down and become beautiful - and you get a great photo.
  • How cool sfotkatsya at AVU?It is necessary to choose the right outfit.For girls - it can be a beautiful dress, stylish skirt and blouse with jeans.Revealing outfits (underwear and t. E.) - Not the best solution for the photo shoot.Young people can choose for themselves shirt and black pants or jeans.The main thing - things should be neat and clean.It is important that you in these clothes could apply themselves well.You need it to feel free, nothing should reap.It is important that your image has been completely finished, then the picture will turn to "excellent."Neatly arranged hair, light make-up and a nice smile - it is for girls.The guy is even easier - beautifully coiffed hair (unless, of course, there is something to be laid).
  • How beautiful sfotkatsya at AVU?Pick a good background.If you are going to be photographed in the apartment, you do not need to do it in front of the carpet.This background for a couple of years is the "trend" of failed photo.How beautiful on the AVU sfotkatsya when taking a picture in nature?See that in the background there was inebriated persons or strange scenes.Make sure that no one at all in the frame was not excessive.Also, do not need to choose for the photo session inappropriate for this place, for example, toilets in shopping centers.This is quite a popular place, you can see in the photo, many girls and not only them.What attracts them to this place?We can only guess.
  • How beautiful sfotkatsya at AVU?Make sure that no extra not hit the shot.For example, passing by a brother or father.Friends love to do while photographing various podkoly.For example, the horns "put" and others they believe ridiculous things.Make sure that such actions on their part was not.

add or improve any frame can be known with the help of Photoshop or similar.The main thing - do not overdo it.Since then the picture becomes or ugly or uninteresting.