Purchase of shares by an individual and its features

If you wish to become an investor should understand that buying individual stocks will be greatly simplified if we use the services of a mortgage broker or manager of the investment fund.The entire work is to be performed by the citizen, will be the obligation of a specialist.Therefore, the purchase of shares of Sberbank and Gazprom is not a problem.However, it should be understood that for profitability will also be responsible specialist, so it may be insufficient for an individual.Therefore, he has to decide which method to choose.

Determination of the increased stock returns

If a person has decided to do their own purchasing and management of shares, he must learn to identify the periods of increasing their profitability.It is not easy, as they are quite rare.It is worth noting that the purchase of individual shares is not an easy task, as well as other financial transactions.Using the advice of brokers, you can suffer serious losses.For this reason the citizen should conduct their own investigation and determine whether to sell shares if they lose value for money.

Do I have to pay taxes when buying stocks?

When conducting financial transactions with the shares of the individual must pay two types of taxes.The first is the tax the sale of shares, and the second - from the personal income tax rate of 13%.Tax revenue will have to pay only if the citizen will get to come with this financial instrument.It must pay after the withdrawal of funds from the investment accounts, as well as at the end of each calendar year.

It is understood that the purchase and sale of shares in Gazprom or other large companies are in demand, so they can be called useful operations.Ownership of shares is to receive payment of the additional revenue annually.Of course, for this type of income tax imposed on dividends.Depending on the type of the company, whose shares were purchased, the tax rate will vary from 9% to 15%.

Where to buy?

individual may purchase the shares on the stock exchange.Today it is a computerized center.With the help of the Internet in his flock requests for transactions with the shares transferred from the bidders.If the applications are suitable for cost, they are confirmed in the automatic order.The remaining applications are queued until such time as the earlier proposals will not be removed.

According to domestic legislation, individuals are not entitled to perform any purchases and sales of shares.To do this, use the services of intermediaries.They are the investment companies, which are also referred to as brokers.Legal persons, sales representatives and professional participants of the stock exchange can manage securities on behalf of his client.

Purchase of shares by an individual using the Internet

engaged in the acquisition of shares in the Internet quite profitable.However, it is important to perform calculations that will affect the future profit.With the Internet you can do them in minutes.Personally perform calculations of this type will not so quickly.To this will be spent really a lot of time.

For independent buying and selling stocks is quite important to consider many factors.With the help of various online services can greatly simplify the procedure.Purchase of shares an individual can bring a considerable profit if the trader will competently manage their funds.