Trendy fringe: All the secrets of professional stylists

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very fashionable fringe revitalizes the face and makes the image of sexy.If you have never worn a bang and do not know how to stack, maybe it's time to try?

Fashion bang: what are they?

Long bangs

Long bangs - perhaps the sexiest bangs in the world!Firstly, because they can be laid in various ways, and, secondly, they help make eyes!You can close one eye bang - and it will make you mysterious!

long slanting bang approach any person - it does not overload the small forehead, does not face wider.

short and thin bangs

short fringe - the usual bar to a short hairstyle.This fringe is ideal if you have a small, boyish face type.Short bangs draw attention to the eyes, so it makes sense to emphasize them!

thick and heavy bangs

bangs This makes any person brighter and more noticeable, but is not for everyone, as visually reduces the face.If you face an elongated shape, try this type of bangs!

If your face is wide and thick and heavy like bangs, giving it an unusual shape, but in any case do not make a direct bang!

And one more thing: thick and heavy bangs drew attention to the center of the face, that is - on the nose, cheeks, the area under the eyes.If all you have is in an imperfect state, think twice before you cut bangs!

bangs and hair texture

Straight hair allow you to do almost any bangs.

Curly hair is difficult to style, much of the bang in general conversation special.You can to cut off long bangs long to lay it, but not the fact that all this beauty will live till evening.The solution may be in the salon hair straightening.If you straighten your hair you do not want your option - it bangs light, rare, medium length, up to the eyebrows.This fringe is unlikely to curl when the weather is wet.

bangs and long hair

If your hair is short - it is safe to say that short and fine bangs will look more organic than thick and long.

If the hair is long or medium length, you can experiment!Still stylists believe that the optimal length bangs in your case - covering the eyebrows.

Bang and sizes face

If the person is small, the volume, long bangs will make it even less.Perhaps another way to create it - the most it, but in everyday life still prefer a small and easy to chelochkoy eyebrows, with tapering.

But the big face is where carousing!

bangs and face shape

If your face - round or wide, you will go a long fringe, laid on its side or oblique fringe.

thin-faced are very thick bangs.

person square, rectangular, high cheekbones - to visually soften the face, choose a bang rare, but long.

How to style your bangs fashionable

Neither is complete without laying paving funds.For laying bangs choose just one thing:

* serum or leave-konditsioner- take less and do not apply to the roots of the hair!* Mousse or gel foam * * Wax - this thing is better to use if you do not wear a headdress, or oily hair will start.* Styling Spray - note that most of this spray contains alcohol and can dry the hair.

So treated bangs styling products.Now, take a hair dryer and dry it from the top down, while combing and giving the desired shape.For example, you can comb the bangs to the side, or to twist the tip of the rib combs.

If you want your bangs as long as possible to keep the shape, dry it a little longer, but in the end pour over cold air (if your dryer is equipped with such a regime).Keep in mind that every day so you can not dry the hair - so they are very aggressive drying spoils.

Makeup for a long thick bangs

If you decide to wear fashionable thick bangs, your eyebrows can not be seen because of it.Take advantage of special sets for the eyebrows and make them brighter and clearer - especially owners of rare eyebrows.

If you choose a long thick bangs, keep in mind that the views did not focus on the eyes and on the lips!Therefore, make sure that the lips have a proper look.

and carefully care for the skin of the forehead, hidden under the hair.Believe me - it it is necessary not too sweet!

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