Home salon: Mask of black points with activated charcoal

really can be successfully used activated carbon for the face?Mask, scrub, soap and coal - they do not harm the skin?And how effective are they?Activated charcoal absorbs excess really nice dirt and grease, it is important only to use it properly.

of blackheads make mask film, for getting rid of acne - a mask with clay.At the same time take into account the skin type.For dry, aging skin is best suited blue clay.Black clay moisturizes, cleans and fits all white - the most effective, but it should not be applied to owners of fine leather with close to surface vessels.One measure of clay powder is taken one measure comminuted activated carbon are added other necessary ingredients such as essential oils.

most popular mask of black dots with activated carbon - is a mask film which cleans not only due to the active substances, but also mechanically.It is enough to take 1 tablespoon of water or other fluid (eg, milk) and 1 cup of the gelatin to obtain a mask-film.It is possible to add a variety of ingredients, including activated carbon.Below you will find detailed information about how to make a mask.

How often is the mask of black dots with activated charcoal?

It depends on the degree of contamination and the type of skin.Standard - two times a week.It is advisable to do the procedure on a regular basis - so you can achieve noticeable results.If the skin is very dry and sensitive, a mask of black dots with activated carbon - not your option, it is better to choose more lenient means.

It is important to remember that a mask with activated carbon at a skin prone to couperose, do not!

mask of black dots with activated carbon - a recipe


In one teaspoon of milk or water need to take half a teaspoon of gelatin and half a tablet of activated charcoal.This amount will be sufficient to mask the T-zone.If it is necessary for the entire face, it is sufficient to increase the proportion of all components of the dose.

method for preparing

Activated carbon is a good grind, add the gelatin and liquid.The resulting mass must be carefully mixed because gelatin does not dissolve in water but swells only.Next, the mask is heated, for example in a microwave oven for 10-15 seconds.Then wait, when it has cooled to an acceptable temperature - the mask is ready to spray!


Many make this a mask, without bothering about the correct preparation of the skin, and then wonder why there is no result.The skin should be cleaned and steam, the pores open, and the upper layer of black dots became softer and more pliable.In order to apply the mask, it is best to take a special brush - they are sufficiently flexible to allow "drive" into the pores of the mask.Draw tool clapping movements, and then add another layer, gently moving the brush.If you apply a thin layer mask will be difficult to remove, it will explode.Wait for the complete drying takes about a quarter of an hour.Now you can take off the mask.It will not be as strong as ready masks, which are sold in stores.Therefore it is necessary to remove it carefully so as to make it in one piece, otherwise it will have to wash part of the effect, and simply disappears.The remains of the mask can be removed by any suitable cleanser you (lotion, milk) and apply skin cream with a soft soothing, moisturizing and regenerating effect.

tool to narrow pores

order to reduce the pore size can be prepared ice cubes and clean coal face one or two times a day.You can replace a washing procedure.As you know, chill well helps to narrow pores than actively used in modern cosmetology, offering customers a variety of Cryo procedure.In addition to the impact on the pores, such ice cubes tone the skin, prevent premature aging.

How else can use the activated carbon from acne?

mask - this is not all that is capable of this ingredient.The sale can be found daily cleansing agents have NaturaSiberica lineup has soap-detox, which is due to activated carbon absorbs most dirt.At home, in addition to masks and masks with clay films can make a mask with sea salt.For example, the following recipe: one part pounded into powder of activated carbon, one piece of fresh aloe juice, and a third portion of sea salt.In this mix you can add a suitable essential oil, for example, known for its anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil.To determine the amount of essential oil, follow the instructions to him, but this is usually not more than three drops.All this mixture should be diluted with water so as to obtain a sufficiently thick paste.Keep the mask on the face should be about a quarter of an hour.

Scrub with coal

The most popular facial scrub with charcoal.This scrub is not recommended for those who have thin, sensitive, prone to inflammation of the skin or the skin with a very wide pores, which from mechanical impact may be even greater.Everyone else can recommend an effective and very easy to prepare cleansing scrub.In order to do it, you need two tablets of activated carbon, some water to dissolve therein tablets aloe juice, honey and sugar (each ingredient teaspoon).This scrub is applied as a mask for 20 minutes, during which time it will dry up, and then you can wash it off with water, while making a very light facial massage.

As you can see, this affordable and cheap ingredients, like activated carbon, can be successfully used in a variety of recipes beauty.