Meet insurance agent!

Our life is full of surprises, sometimes they are not the most pleasant.Any of us can face the fact that he had broad daylight stolen car or happen to a fire in an apartment or house (and not necessarily your fault, there is still the neighbors) or natural phenomena with unprincipled audacity break the usual course of things.Sometimes confluence of circumstances beyond our control.It is from such cases, we can keep the insurance agent, and more specifically, insurance, decorated with it.

Who was this mysterious man offers us his services when we are all so good, and part with their money because of the ghostly fears do not always want?

insurance agent - a representative of the insurance company, which is the intermediary between clients (people who want to obtain the services of insurance) and the insurer (the company that provides insurance and undertakes to pay a certain amount when the insured event).He was granted the right to enter into contracts on behalf of the firm.

insurance agent will help you choose the best type of insurance and wisely arrange it.It is he who will communicate with you on behalf of the insurance company over the life of the contract.

Each is an insurance agent and the seller, and a psychologist, an economist and analyst.And all rolled into one!

Having a fairly broad powers, duties of an insurance agent assumes the complex.Consider them.

insurance agent shall:

  1. concluded and a contract for both personal and property insurance, to ensure their implementation, and to take insurance payments.
  2. conduct an active search for and identification of potential customers, and to keep records of potential sites and objects of insurance policyholders.
  3. be able to give an adequate assessment of the value of the insurance.
  4. know the region and the demand for certain types of insurance services.
  5. reasoned conduct meaningful conversations with regular and potential customers with a view to concluding new contracts and renewal of old.
  6. be able to establish a relationship of trust with clients, to know the characteristics of their thinking and behavior motivation.
  7. adequately assess the extent and risk criteria in contract, taking into account the age, health, sex, level of material wealth and other qualities that characterize the client.
  8. To be able to calculate premiums, to issue insurance documents and to ensure their safety.
  9. be able to promote the offer of the insurance companies in the market, using the current political and socio-economic processes in order to create stable demand for insurance services promoted.
  10. give customers comprehensive information on all matters relating to the conditions of insurance.
  11. Throughout the duration of the agreement concluded to liaise with clients to execute the contract for the provision of insurance services.Resolve all disputes, complaints, claims.
  12. be able to identify the occurrence of the insured event in accordance with the contract, the right to carry out its assessment and the amount of claims, taking into account all the criteria.