Does Russia need foreign labor?

The term "foreign labor" was until the end of the last century in the lexicon only political scientists, but now it is used by a huge number of people.Moreover, Russia is now considered migrant workers who used to be a compatriot.Speaking briefly, then yes, the foreign labor force in Russia is needed for many reasons.This does not disdain any in the West, where the influx of immigrants from the former colonies can not be stopped or, for example in the US, where even illegal immigrants already in the pay of the Americans.

next global factor that was not a reason for lifting the developing economies of the world is, I apologize for the tautology itself a developing economy.Any economy that wants to grow, obliged to sit on the drug, called "foreign labor".Otherwise, such an economy is called development, ie that which has nowhere else to grow in breadth and depth need only.Such a comparison will always limp, but in fact it is true.

no secret that, on the one hand, the demographic situation in Russia,

and on the other - the largest land territory, determine the internal policy of the state.It has been said that in some places at the external borders of the Russian Federation there is a sharp imbalance in population density - China in this regard - not only state.The positive effect that can give foreign labor here is obvious: there is already some positive experience of foreign penetration in the Urals and Western Siberia, where the shortage of labor is pathological.

additional reasons, which is complex, is nothing else than the natural wealth of Russia.It is not far off when the state oil and gas will become secondary, even in terms of budget.

If a country sees fit to survive as a state, as a set of established nations, the attitude of the people will have to change radically.But the role to be played by foreign labor will have to remain the same.In any country must be a certain category of the population, whose work would be assessed at the lower edge, but that would at the same time would be involved in the sectors of the economy, bringing real profits.Without it, the creation of national wealth impossible.

Finally, a purely quantitative factor also plays an important role.It is that in the presence of people in any region is its natural development.Every person needs some minimal living conditions of accommodation, food, communication, rest, finally.Therefore, each of these aspects entails the activities of other people, the business development of local masshataba etc.

thus giving any work permits to foreigners, Russia automatically creates jobs and attracts investment directly in those regions where these people settle.Maybe someone also will argue that from an economic point of view, it is not profitable, but no country in the world will never give up cheap labor, or that now takes on greater urgency, from attracting a skilled workforce (formerly States and Western Europe,and now - Brazil and China).