What does insurance against job loss?

happens that a person takes a loan, but after a while it loses its ability to pay.In most cases, this is for the reason that it is in financial difficulties due to job losses.Problems begin, all plans that were built just crumble.Insurance against loss of work - is a great way to insure against unforeseen situations.

insurance if you lose your job - what is it?

This type of service is that if a person has lost his job, the insurance company will be obliged to pay him the amount that on average, it should give for the loan.It is very convenient, there is not even argue.Insurance against loss of employment will protect human rights.Depending upon which program is selected, the payments are received at full size for 6 or 12 months.During this time, you can find a new place of work.

Insurance cases

Before looking for a company that offers such services as insurance against loss of employment, reviews study very carefully about each organization.You must be sure that you are in safe hands.

is important to note that if a person is on their own decided to leave their place of work, this is not an insurance case.Each organization offers its own list of conditions for payment, but there is a standard list, which is shared by all.

List of insurance cases:

  • insurance against job loss will help in the case if the organization where the person was employed, eliminated for various reasons.
  • Staff subject to reduction.
  • replaced by the owner of the company, which introduced the rules.
  • contract was terminated for reasons that do not blame any of the parties, for example, incapacity or conscription.

In some cases, payments will not be made

Insurance against loss of employment does not imply payments in the following situations:

  • dismissal due to violation of labor discipline employees.
  • dismissal without explanation (on their own).
  • incapacitating fault of the employee, such as personal injury and failure to comply with safety intoxicated.

What types of loans may obtain insurance

insurance job loss when the loan is considered to be a very widespread service today.It does not matter what type of loan a person has, he can take out insurance in any case, whether it is a consumer credit or mortgage.

easiest at registration papers for a loan bank to explain to employees that you want to issue this type of insurance.This will be beneficial not only to you but also a financial institution.Most often, they already have signed contracts with several insurance companies, so employees do not only advise but also help to arrange everything.

Benefits insurance contract

conclusion of a contract of this type will always be relevant and useful.No one can be fully confident in the future.Problems can arise when you expect them least.The company will close spontaneously, or whether there will be other problems.In that case, if you take out insurance in case of job loss, all this can survive with minimal damage.

advantages of registration of the contract:

  • In the event of an insured event loan payments paid by the insurance company.
  • credit history will not be spoiled.
  • You'll have plenty of time trying to find a new job.
  • conclude such an agreement worth inexpensive, but you'll feel safe.


If a person has decided to enter into a contract of insurance in the case will be deprived of work, it must meet the following criteria:

  • have an internal passport and reach legal age.
  • experience from the last job must be at least three months.
  • general experience must necessarily be at least a year.
  • employee must be formally employed and have an employment contract.

insurance job losses at the mortgage

mortgage loan - one of the most common cases of obtaining insurance compensation.The criteria may vary from the organizations, but the essence remains the same.In the event that you have lost the place of work is not their fault and temporarily unable to pay the mortgage, this will the insurance company with which you signed the contract.Of course, you will need to submit documents which list is quite extensive, but you will be fully confident that protect themselves.

Documents required for payment:

  • copy of the internal passport.
  • Have copies of your employment record, which confirms the experience.
  • Duplicate canceled contract in order to confirm that the employee is guilty of deprivation of ability to pay.
  • certificate from the bank that you have mortgage debt.

Do I have to insure themselves against loss of solvency

Opinions differ when it comes to the discussion of such services as insurance against job loss.Reviews can be found both positive and negative.Some avoid the conclusion of the contract on the grounds that in the event of difficulties they may seek help from friends or relatives.However, such an act would be inappropriate.

mainly dissatisfied contract are only those customers who have lost their place of work through his own fault, and not able to get paid for the insurance.Do not forget that this agreement is, in such cases, when the organization is closed or drastically begin to lay off employees due to reduced staff.You can be sure that your mortgage or any other loan will be paid on time in the period, while you look for a new place of work.

conclusion of the contract of insurance in case of loss of capacity to pay on the loan is very profitable.Credit history will not be spoiled and you will not lose your mortgage or other property.Of course, this works only if your case meets the insurance.