How to make a tattoo choker with their hands

name "choker" from the English translates as "strangler".This immediately draws attention to its features.This item jewelry should fit snugly to the neck.It is also called "tattoo choker" because the distance on the neck, he looks like a mesh pattern.

popular ornaments 90s

Twenty years ago, the popularity of this uncomplicated decorations knew no bounds.In any store you can find a set of collar, bracelet and rings.Chokers were black, white, rainbow, and sometimes even the light in the darkness.This trinket can be won at an amusement park or beach rides.Fashionistas wore them regardless of the weather and to any wardrobe.And many even know how to make your own tattoo choker of fishing line.Since the creation of choker does not take long and does not require effort, craftsmen could make the day a lot of ornaments, and sometimes even take orders from friends at this popular jewelery manufacturing.

What you need to do with their hands tattoo choker

This job does not require you to special skills and abilities.Even those who never engaged in needlework, guaranteed to get a good result.To make a tattoo choker with their hands do not need special equipment or rare materials.All that we need - this line was the desired color and thickness and clerical clothespin, to pinch it on time.

If thin fishing line, can be woven in two or three threads.This allows you to combine different colors, and the product will be more filigree.Sometimes, instead of fishing line using other similar materials: elastic cord, a wire from the headphones, the rubber thread.Variations in thickness and structure of the substrate used for weaving, produce a variety of results.

Optionally, you can use the beads or pendants to decorate our home-made choker.

How to make your own tattoo choker

So, you have already prepared all the necessary.Now you can start the creative process of creating original decorations.

  • The first thing to do - is to measure 2-2.5 meters of fishing line, bend it in half and attach one end by a clerical clothespin.If this thing at hand was not, do not worry.Does not matter how you will fix the region, most importantly, that in the end you have a small ring remains squeezed out of line.
  • Next, begin to weave tattoo choker.The circuit used is very simple.The principle of weaving is shown in the figure.
  • makes a loop from one end of the line and threaded into the other end of the loop, then repeat the procedure at this time, creating a ring of the second end of the fishing line and passing it the first free edge.
  • If choker tattoo must be decorated with beads, you need while creating loops pass through them over the line.
  • pendant is fixed in the same way.It should be very careful to try choker during weaving to attach the pendant in the right place, as the ready-made pendant will not be free to move on an ornament.
  • At the end you need to carefully fix the fishing line edge to prevent unraveling of our products.This is best done by special crimp beads that are sold in the store for creativity.This ball is put on the two free ends of the fishing line and flattened.This fixation aesthetically pleasing and durable locks jewelry from blooming.
  • If you can not buy crimp beads, you can tie the fishing line tightly or solder, melt it on the edge of the fire.This choker will need to put on over her head.
  • Many people wonder how to make a tattoo choker clasp.This is quite simple.In specialty stores have a wide range of fasteners, which are attached to each end of the product, and then joined together by hook or karabinchika.

appropriate to wearing a choker tattoo nowadays

We learned how to make a tattoo choker with their hands out of the ordinary fishing line.It turns out that it is quite easy.But is it worth wasting time on such crafts, if the popularity of chokers long gone?Is it appropriate to wear it now?

Naturally, those who adhere to the classic style of clothing, will not be able to wear such jewelry.Also, it will be out of place in formal meetings, or in a formal working environment.Simply choker looks ugly on the winner of a short, thick neck.

But there are many options when choker not just say, but will be an excellent complement to the image.Assess such lovers of free style decoration and style kezhual.Also, this accessory entirely to come for lovers of hand-made.Ideal choker looks on the girls, bikers and representative of various informal movements.

Curious crafts for children and adults

Even if you have this jewelry do not like or does not fit the style of the children and teenagers will appreciate homemade decoration.You can bring to the process of the child, showing him how to make a tattoo choker.Inquisitive kiddies always interesting to create something with their own hands.The process of weaving bring them pleasure.A young woman of fashion will gladly carry your own set up elaborate decorations.