Actress Svetlana Amanova: biography and personal life

Actress Svetlana Amanova contributed to the development of the Soviet and Russian cinema.Want to know where she was born, studied and in which the film was shot?The necessary information can be found in the article.

Actress Svetlana Amanova: biography

Star Soviet and Russian cinema was born on April 29, 1961 in Moscow.From an early age the girl demonstrated her artistry.She organized concerts and plays home to their parents.

Svetlana attended the school located in the South-West District of Moscow.In their free time, the girl attended a theatrical circle.Soon parents enrolled Light in the Gnessin School.For several years, our heroine could not choose between professions singer and actress.After all, she loved to sing and participate in performances.Father and mother dreamed that their daughter will connect life with classical music.

By the end of high school, Svetlana was able to identify with the profession.She wanted to become a famous actress.She filed papers in the Theater School.Shchukin.She managed to pass the entrance test.In 1982 Amanova received a diploma from the high school.My parents were proud of their little daughter.

Career After completing his studies in the "Pike" actress Svetlana Amanova got a job at the Little Theatre.She participated in plays such as "Children of the Sun", "Woe from Wit", "Uncle Vanya" and others.At first, the pretty brunette battered only small roles.But soon, the directors reviewed and praised her talent.

Star Trek

Actress Svetlana Amanova debuted in film in 1982.She won the role of Tanya in the comedy "Sports Lottery-82", was directed by L. Gaidai.Just a few months the picture looked 50 million viewers.Amanova not counted on such a success.After the film's release, she woke up famous.To it began to approach people on the street, asking for an autograph.The actress was invited to various shows.

In the period from 1982 to 1985.Svetlana has not acted in films.All the time she dedicated work in the theater.During these years Amanova participated in the performances: "The Living Corpse", "Children Vanyushina" and so on.

In 1985, our heroine is back in a big movie.She was offered to star in two films - "The day before" and "Winter Evening in Gagra".The actress gave a positive response.And soon these films joined its creative piggy bank.

On set Svetlana appeared only in 1989.She played in the film "Ladder".Her colleague at the site was Oleg Menshikov.This work is notable for the fact that our heroine first appeared nude in the frame.


In the early 90's film career Svetlana Amanova almost lost.She began to lose the location of directors.Do not save the situation, even the title of Honored Artist of Russia, assigned to it in 1992.The actress began to appear less frequently in theatrical projects.For 10 years Amanova shot only 6 pictures.Its main roles were poorly remembered the viewer.

Svetlana Amanova, actress: personal life

bright-eyed brunette has always been popular with the stronger sex.She took them to courtship, flowers and gifts.Soon Light met her future husband - a journalist Pavel Gusev.Their whirlwind romance has grown into a serious relationship.The lovers were married.Their daughter Catherine was born.But the overall child does not help them to keep the family together.A few years after the birth of his daughter, Paul and Svetlana officially divorced.

then had a long affair with Vitaly Solomin.Actress knew that he was married.But refused to meet with him could not have been much loved Solomin.At some point in their vicious Us exploded.

In conclusion

Amanova Actress Svetlana won the hearts of millions of Soviet men.But to build a happy personal life failed.Now you know the biography of the actress, as well as its success story in the movie.