Cucumbers: cultivation in the open ground

Who does not like cucumbers, are crispy, fragrant and tasty?It seems there is in Russia a man indifferent to this green vegetable pupyrchatoy both fresh and salted or pickled.

smart and enterprising people also love cucumber cultivation which can bring very good money.Yields of vegetables in the open ground at a high agricultural techniques, capable of providing up to 70 tons per hectare, and in the greenhouse conditions, with one square meter can be collected on 46 kg of cucumbers.

What actually is a cucumber?This large amount of water, about 94-97%, and quite a bit of sugar (1.5-2%), protein (1%) and fat (0.75%).It also contains a certain amount of aromatic substances pektoniziruyuschih enzymes, vitamins and minerals.Especially boasts a cucumber iodine, in the vegetable it is more than in any other, including potatoes.

There are different ways of cultivation of cucumbers: the open soil, in greenhouses, on a window sill in a city apartment - throughout this gift of nature, with proper farming techniques, will give high yields of products.

When growing in the open ground, cucumber should be planted in a well-lit and sheltered plots of land, preferably in the southern or south-western slopes.The best precursors for these are peas, early cabbage, beans, tomatoes, onions, early potatoes.If you can not change the annual landing place, they can be grown in one place for 4-6 years in a row, at the same time be sure to burn in the area in the fall leaves and plant debris, ash which is to be the best fertilizer cucumbers.More in-depth digging very carefully to destroy the weeds in the vicinity of growing cucumbers.Around the area with cucumbers is better to plant tall-plant, which will serve as cucumbers protection from the wind.

Traditional agricultural machinery cucumber cultivation suggests that the soil under them should be loose, fluffy, moist and free of weeds.It has beneficial effects on crop land application torfonavoznogo compost, decomposed manure or municipal waste.

seeds before planting is recommended to harden.This procedure is carried out as follows: the seeds are soaked in water at room temperature for 7 hours, then water is drained seeds are wrapped in wet cloth and placed in a refrigerator for 17 hours and then introduced into the room for 7 hours and then again in the refrigerator for 17 hours.The procedure is recommended hardening 6-7 days, all the while soaking napkin and only after that the seeds are planted in the ground.

very popular in recent years has been the pelleting of seeds - this is when they are first wetted with diluted glue, and then coated with a mixture of peat dust with humus and mineral fertilizers, growth stimulants, and Pest Control.This procedure ensures that sprouting are provided with adequate nutrition and, at the same time, at the initial stage are protected from pests and diseases.When sowing pelleted seeds seedlings obtained Single-grade and uniform, the similarity is increased by 20-40%, increased the growth of young roots and prirostkov, besides such seeds are not birds peck.

The main objective of this vegetable in farming techniques, no matter what methods of growing cucumbers is not used, it is getting friendly shoots.Therefore, the seeds must lay in moist, well-heated, loose soil and buried to a depth of about 3-4 cm.

Cucumber seeds can be sown on ridges and on flat ground socket square method.In this case, mark out portion in two directions, every 70 cm, the angles formed by making the hole size of the squares of 10-12 cm and sowing them randomly 12-15 pieces of seeds.

Note that cucumber cultivation which case, though laborious, but fascinating and rewarding, it is absolutely not tolerate shade, so it is very important timely weeding and thinning seedlings.Thinning should be done in the 3-4 leaf stage.

Among the vegetables, the most demanding of water and air cucumber cultivation should be carried out at the soil moisture content of 65-75%, as excess moisture is harmful to them.Most shows refreshing frequent watering plants in small portions, especially in the fruiting period.

Harvest fruits should be collected every two or three days, tearing down everything: the hooks, and missed overgrown.

Plant cucumbers, growing them can bring not only a good harvest, but also moral satisfaction, and pickled and extended in the winter of banks cucumbers from your own garden will enable proud of yourself and forget about all the difficulties and concerns related to its cultivation.