Top 5 mistakes women in the management of personal finances

Both men and women can make annoying bugs in the management of personal finances.Yet there are errors that are characteristic especially by women.

Small goals prevail over large

Small "joy of life" in the women's minds often outweigh really important financial goals.In drawing up the personal financial plan is so that the client has a high income, but the available resources to achieve the desired financial goals is not enough.And even after the tax, investment, credit optimization goals is still not possible to achieve the desired time and in full.One has to resort to a thorough analysis of the costs - then it becomes clear what a woman spends a lot of money on the "interface" (clothes, cosmetics, procedures, and so on. D.).When a soft hint of what may need to buy the most expensive ticket in the fitness center or relax certainly only 5-star hotel, the client gives up.She is not ready to scale back these costs and shift to cheaper options - even for such important purposes as for the accumulation of pensions, education for children, the repayment of a mortgage loan.For example, a woman can live in a small rented apartment, but to dress in outfits exclusively from the latest fashion collections, relax in the most luxurious hotels, visit the luxurious spa to buy the most expensive cosmetics - and have thus saving only € 1000.My advice in this case - just remember that to lead a comfortable way you want, and after 10 years, and 20, and to make savings.

Frequent change of priorities

for competent management of personal finances need goals with clear deadlines and the cost that would not change every month.But when dealing with a number of clients at every meeting I find out about the new order, which often do not coincide with the same or even contradict them.Wants to buy a house a year later in Moscow, then go through the six months to relocate to France, and then - to buy a business in Switzerland, and then there is the idea at all to sell everything and go live in Bali.We must remember that the financial instruments are selected to achieve certain goals.If the target is constantly changing, competently manage finances unrealistic.My advice is to carry out an audit purposes no more than once a year and change them only when the abrupt change situations.

Copying financial decisions colleagues and friends

Women often influenced by colleagues, friends, environment and tend to copy their financial decisions.While these solutions may not completely suited to their financial situation.For example, one lady who has no credit and debt, and also just received an annual bonus, he will tell the other about the purchase spacious apartment in the US for only $ 50,000, and the second comes on the idea to buy exactly the same.Meanwhile, her outstanding mortgages at 12% in dollars and after purchase principle will not remain idle funds.After some time, she has to get into loans to pay for emergency treatment.In fact, to a customer that it would be better to let a part of the accumulated amount to repay their mortgages in dollars, and leave the rest in the form of a reserve fund for unforeseen expenses.I recommend to my clients to remember that everyone - a unique situation, and to select financial decisions must be "for themselves" and not guided fashion.

take care of everyone but themselves

Many women in principle have no experience of regular long-term investment a "future."Many save up for education to children, retired parents at home for the whole family, but it does not have its own "nest egg for the future", which would be separated from the rest of the family expenses.I think every woman should be sure that there will be left with nothing, no matter what happened in her life.Children grow up, can break up the marriage, but she is sure to 50-60 years must have their own savings, which will allow her to live at a decent level, do not depend on anybody, including from the state.I meet women who in 50 years, all surplus funds sent to help their adult children and their children and not have any of their own savings.Once again I want to emphasize that regular contributions of women for himself - this is not selfishness, but rather taking care of their loved ones, which is removed from the care of their financial support in the working age.

Disclaimer marriage contract

And another common mistake, which, however, is typical for the Russians in general, and women and men - the refusal of the marriage contract.This is particularly important in the case of unequal marriage, the future spouses when different levels of income, when you marry a man gets substantially more or, conversely, significantly less than its second half.During the divorce in the first case, a woman can stay with interests in property, with which it can not do anything if the husband does not want to buy them, and as a result - with a minimum income.In the second case, all the property that was brought into the family of mostly women, will be divided in half.The marriage contract does not need to be embarrassed.It's quite normal settlement of property issues "on the bank" before marriage.If you fear that you will be accused of commercialism and future marriage will be because of this upset, should think twice before engaging in such a marriage.Smart man understands that a contract - is a manifestation of concern for the future of both spouses and the way to avoid unnecessary quarrels.

Of course, not every woman referred admits mistakes, and some do not allow any.Perhaps some of the items you seem controversial.And yet, summing up, we note the important thing for a successful personal finance management needs a clear plan that aims to achieve at least clear goals, not only the objectives of the family, but also the goals of prosperity and financial independence of the woman.

Natalia Smirnova - General Director of "Personal Advisor", a specialist in personal finance management

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