Easy to install Ubuntu on a USB flash drive

talk about how being installed Ubuntu on a USB flash drive.Why is this done?To those users who wish to only see the Linux do not abuse once again to your hard drive, which already has an operating system, such as Vindovs, and that before the final decision not to harm the existing computer settings.This applies to those who do not have enough experience.It is in such cases, installing Ubuntu on a USB flash drive.

This process is not a big deal.This is the advantage of this system.And it allows you to work with them without the mandatory installation on the computer's hard drive.And you will have a fully functional Operating System even in this case.If you do not like it for some reason the installed version, it can always be replaced by another.

There are many popular programs to install Linux on a flash drive, such as Ubuntu flash and friends.But today I want you to consider a program called Unetbootin.I need it most to their liking.Therefore, we will speak about it.For a start you have to download it to your computer.After you run this item, proceed with the installation.This procedure is not a big deal, and you will easily cope with it.Once the installation is complete, start it.

From this point on will be installing Ubuntu on a USB flash drive.So, after the launch of the utility, click, which is called "disk image".As you know, the installation will take place from an image ISO, which also need to download.Notice the Russian version of Linux called Rosinka.Absolutely the entire interface in Russian, performed in an excellent design, has a fairly broad functionality, yet all this system is fairly easy to use.In general, quite successful version, with its solid merits and not having any flaws.You do this soon see.

continue our Ubuntu installation on a flash drive.Select with a special button Linux downloaded image.It is also worth recalling that in that case, if you intend to use your removable storage devices as the system on an ongoing basis, select it a bit of disk space on which to store all your settings or changes at restart.

If you have multiple flash drives connected to your computer, then assign one that you will need for Linux.If it is you have one, your machine will automatically select it.Next, click on the button «OK», and begin the process of installing Linux on your drive, which will be delayed for at least five minutes.When it is complete, reboot the system and activate in the BIOS to boot from the USB drive.All you can now run Linux on your computer without sacrificing the basic system Vindovs not cluttered once again your hard drive.

I hope you figure it out.The next time you talk about how the installation of Ubuntu Server with a stick.And today is all.