How to make the gain of the microphone?

Let's talk about what worries many users of such programs as "Skype".The microphone gain "XP" - sore problem for many.We will deal with setting up the AC 97 (compatible codec).Consider the sequence of actions on the example of a sound card with built-in "Intel".Although the principle of operation similar to other codecs.

So, to perform the microphone gain, we should open a standard sound mixer.This is done by double clicking on the speaker icon that is in the tray.If you do not see at this icon, open the Start menu, and from there go to the control panel where it will be necessary to choose a section of sounds and audio devices.In the window that appears, check the box next display the icon on the taskbar.

Now, to make the gain of the microphone must be in the window of your mixer for the volume to go to the options menu.There it is necessary to put a marker in front display additional options.Without them, the microphone gain will be impossible to fulfill.

Then you have to switch to the mixer for recording.To do this, you must enter the parameters section, where click on Properties and select the recording.Next on the list of inputs that will be reflected, should be a "tick" next to a microphone or microphone input.

Then you press a button on the "OK" button and find your microphone input.Now it is possible to adjust the level of input that is necessary for the microphone gain.Item has different names, but the action is performed the same (enhanced your device after the aforesaid manipulation twenty decibels).

should be noted that some drivers "Rialtek" do not include in their program shell buttons for setting the volume of your microphone.There may be a mistaken impression that it is not provided.But it is not.It is present (only in the mixer for the volume settings).

If you have done all this, and the expected result is not obtained, then the need to install a web camera, equipped with an integrated microphone.If your camera is operating you quite satisfied, then, in any case, it is necessary to change the microphone.As an option - you can buy a sound card, which has a separate microphone input.I advise you to still pay attention to the microphone with USB-plug.There is also a specific program for the microphone gain, however, if your equipment is not better then a software to solve your problem will turn out.

Finally talk about how you need to check what your partner hears.The "Skype" for this purpose, a special service called "Echo / Service sound check."Every user who has installed this program on your computer, in the contact sheet, it has a beginning.Therefore, in order to verify the connection, you need to call this contact, and follow the instructions provided by your sweet female voice.If you are satisfied with the quality of communication, the deal - if not, make the necessary settings and adjustments.If at the level of software it does not work, it is necessary, as mentioned above, to change the equipment.