Goddess of Persia - Claudia Lynx

Claudia Lynx - known Iranian model, actress, translator and just incredibly beautiful girl.Claudia lives in Los Angeles and is actively involved in charity work, supporting children and adolescents in difficult situations.She has millions of fans around the world who call her a goddess of Persia.


model Claudia Lynx was born June 8, 1982 in Tehran.At birth, the girl was given the name Shagkaeg, meaning "poppy flower".The girl's mother had died immediately after birth, leaving the baby an orphan.When she was three months, the father decided to move to Norway.Since Claudia left the home, the more she did not return there.

Her childhood was spent in the community elder brother, father, and a woman who replaced her mother.

Early career Claudia Lynx

she was only three years old when she started acting in commercials and TV programs.Beautiful face of the little girl caught the attention of an assistant Katrina Kerendborzh that Claudia chose to shoot in advertising diapers.Thus, the advertising baby hygiene products for several years, the girl became popular.

In five years, Claudia Lynx with his family moved to Toronto, where he continued to appear in movies and television.There she gets huge popularity and love, especially among Iranians.

the age of eleven, Claudia participates in the TV show "ShahreMa", then becoming one of the most recognizable young actresses.The show was very popular, but two years later the girl leaves him and begins to act in another report, exclusively for children and adolescents.At fifteen young beauty invites a modeling agency, where she was also waiting for a huge success.She signed a contract with well-known brands such as Levis and Pepsi, is removed for various magazines and participates in fashion shows.In addition, Claudia Lynx tries himself as a singer and in 16 years recorded a few songs, which later became hits.Although the album with her song was only released two years later (without the consent of Claudia), she became known as a talented singer.

Claudia Lynx, a photo of the early period

Claudia Lynx has a stunningly beautiful and, at first glance, looks natural.In fact, anyone who follows the life and career of the girl noticed her extraordinary transformation.Sure, she was beautiful before, but her new look turned out just perfect.What exactly has changed in her appearance Claudia Lynx?Photo earlier period captured beauty with a long nose and small lips.It can be concluded that the girl used filler for lips, Botox to smooth wrinkles on the forehead and raised his eyebrows, and resorted to rhinoplasty.In addition, to increase the eye and give them a lighter shade Claudia uses colored lenses.All these interventions are the best way affected the appearance of the girl, giving her look of softness and refinement.

However, many fans prefer, as before looked Claudia Lynx.Photo before the operation they consider more alive and natural, to convey the true beauty of Eastern women.

Life Now Claudia Lynx Claudia Lynx

today incredible demand: it continues to act in feature and documentary films, takes part in fashion shows and photo shoots, and engaged in charity.As for her personal life, she has not yet met the love that did not upset her.Furthermore, in a recent interview, she said that she was glad her loneliness as she has time on his career and loved ones at the moment makes it absolutely happy.