How to quickly and easily write a good business plan?

talented CEO The Venture Alliance, Jim Caspari says that the first sentence should just explain what exactly the benefits in comparison with competitors, has developed the project.It is important to know how to be successful, how to get around and beat rivals in business.Most developers of business plans is not considered.

competent and concise business plan, which is made consistently and correctly, performs just three important tasks.

It initially defines the overall objectives for managers.In addition, when thoughts are fixed on paper, there is an excellent opportunity to reflect well and weigh the benefits of the project.We can say that the business plan - is a kind of draft, we can rewrite it all over again, and without losing their investments if possible any complications or problems in the future.This idea is shared by Mike McKeever, the famous author of the acclaimed book "How to write a business plan."Last, the third objective of the business plan to attract highly qualified investors who do not have time for long explanations and reasoning.

Of course, creating a distinct, clear and consistent business plan requires thorough reflection, extended time and money.His writing and design can be ordered and special organization (for example, in the Russian Federation, the company, which professionally engaged in drawing up business plans, asking for their services by the amount of 50 thousand. Rubles).As a result, the entrepreneur can get a 40-page document, but not the fact that its content will reveal the full measure of the main issues of his enterprise, namely: What is the scope of activities, sources of income.

unlikely that such a business plan like investors.Too bad, if after reading the first few lines are planned business remains unclear.Slim conception of a business plan - it is not a guarantee of success.The talented director general of The Venture Alliance, Jim Caspari says that the first sentence should just explain what exactly the benefits in comparison with competitors, has developed the project.It is important to know how to be successful, how to get around and beat rivals in business.Most developers of business plans is not considered.

effective business plan - this is the project, which necessarily noted, what is its value, why customers will be interested in the proposed product or service, how much cash is required to start, what are the prospects for growth in what risk and as a future entrepreneurwill resolve problem situations.You should also specify who the competitor and who is a partner in this field, who are members of one team.The business plan should include a detailed and detailed description of all possible sources of profits and embezzlement.A very important issue that any investor interested in - it will bring a total income of the case and when it is, the company will bear the initial profit?The business plan therefore should be divided, which will include the financial performance of recent months, six months (if the enterprise is already functioning) or projections.

If the company begins and its limited means, it will be crucial for investors reports on all movements of funds that clearly show the outstanding debits and credits for each current quarter.President of the successful company Palo Alto Software, which is a long process of developing programs for the planning and conduct of business, Tim Berry says that new entrepreneurs are not quite correct to understand the process of moving money.Profit is not always a guarantee of the arrival of additional funds.After all, a lot of profitable companies die just because they do not have the cash money.

Berry advises not to delay pigeonholed have a business plan because the plan - this is only a small beginning a laborious and lengthy process.Planning of the company, the company is akin to driving a ship in the ocean or sea - must constantly make changes to course correct it.Ready to plan, of course, valuable, but not for long.We need to return to it repeatedly and keep track of their victories and failures, to know exactly what are the mistakes and what it's worth.

Leaf-title content

begin with the chief.It should specify the name of the company, firm, its legal address, (contact) phone is not only the company but also its founders.It is important to create a table of contents of the entire document.The acceptable amount of a business plan - 30 - up to 40 sheets, including the necessary applications and add-ons.


very essence of the plan should be presented on two pages.It should be noted the following: what exactly do you plan to do, how much you can and want to be, why future customers will want to pay for your services or products.By submitting a business plan to potential (prospective) investors, specify the size of the required capital.Be sure to specify exactly how you want it to apply, that is to spend.To highlight the basic need to have a holistic view of business.Therefore, the introduction of better be at the end of the business plan.

Market opportunities

The paper explain who exactly do you plan to offer their products or services.Ask why this consumer group for you attractive.Answer this section on the following key questions: how extensive the market, what its growth, what are the potential opportunities and threats of the market and how you plan to resolve problem situations?

needed to study information is available through a special website, indicators of official statistics, media analysis reports.The business plan should be required to indicate the sources of the information given by you data.


Do not be arrogant and to be totally sure that your business is unique.You need to know their rivals, both real and potential.Find out who they are, that the offer on the market, which segment is occupied?Why future buyers prefer just your products, goods and services instead of your competitors?What are the prospects for the emergence of obstacles when entering the market?Be sure to consider the possibility of competitors who have similar features and can later become strong rivals and competitors.


addition to good ideas is also important to its excellent performance and implementation.Investors are often interested in who is part of the team.Do not be amiss to make a summary of all your partners, founders, executives, indicate what their accomplishments and skills, comment on why you gave their preference to these partners.

business model

This section should include a detailed and detailed description of all actual and potential sources of revenue (services, sale of goods), as well as the size of the company's costs (room rental, running costs, the fund for salaries).Make sure that you specify all income and expenses that are anticipated activities of your company.Can you give information on its major suppliers or potential buyers.This section - Plan your future productive activities of the company, company.

Financial indicators, forecasting

If you lead a going concern, be sure to attach all reports.It should be indicators of not only profit but also loss also requires a report on the overall balance, cash flow for the full year.For all three parameters should be drawn up and the expected forecast for at least the next three years.Provide analysis, which displays the payback starting, initial, investments.


Do not wait for trouble to find out what means and forces to deal with them your business.You have to work out all the possible options, ranging from the worst and the best ending.Make sure you have sufficient funds to deal with the storm of any size.

sources of funds, their use

If your plans involve the money of investors, the latter will want to know exactly how you plan to use the capital they provided.This section - a clear picture of the size of the estimated cost at the start of the enterprise: rent premises, purchase of equipment, the development of the future of the company logo, and so on.. Many entrepreneurs consider not all waste, which in reality are needed to run the business, new business.Your research should be complete and comprehensive.They need to do before the turn to the help of investors.

ons and applications

well-designed and thought-out business plan only covers the basics of the future enterprise.At the end you need to make sure related documents.It may be statistical surveys of the market, a summary of the members of the future or existing team, full of information about the credit, diagrams, graphs, promotion plan and growth, copies of contracts (rent), evidence of a patent (his record), the agreement on partnership and cooperation, proofCompany registration.


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