What is the academic degree "Ph.D."

"PhD" - an academic degree.It exists in Russia and the CIS since the days of the Soviet Union - in 1934.This is an intermediate step in a scientific way by Master to doctors and awarded the applicant that:

  • has a higher education;
  • passed all candidate examinations;
  • made a series of studies on its subject;
  • presented and proved the novelty and practical value of scientific ideas;
  • passed the procedure of defending a thesis according to statutory requirements.

Russian academic degree "PhD" is an analogue of the western PhD (read as pi eych di).PhD - Doctor of Philosophy.But in fact it is not identical to the degree of Doctor of Science in Russia.The latter involves a higher level of scientific results.

degree "PhD" varies depending on the specialty for which the applicant can defend his work.In Russia provides 23 industry award of such titles.For example: the candidate physical and mathematical sciences, candidate of philological sciences.But a lot of specialties.You can be a candidate of legal, veterinary, biological, military, Geology and Mineralogy, geographical, historical, educational, political, medical, psychological, sociological, technical, pharmaceutical, philosophical, agricultural, chemical, economic sciences.In addition, there is the title of a candidate of architecture, art, culture.

degree "PhD" is not to be confused with the above interpretation of the west - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Going on the scientific path, the applicant must understand the purpose for which he is willing to go through many difficult stages to obtain the degree "PhD".It is understood that this title does not guarantee great wealth in the future.At least, the return will not be fast.Initially, this increase of the order of 10-15% of salary.It is appropriate and indeed significant in further scientific work, work at the university, in the competition for academic rank of associate professor or professor, the work at the department.

writing a dissertation - a complex, laborious, multi-step process.First, you need to create a new, original intellectual product - the result of research activities.The following is to organize the process of protection.It usually involved a lot of people: the supervisor of opponents, experts, reviewers, editors, consultants, etc.It is important to note that by deciding to do science, you need to be prepared in some way to the material investments.We are in any case is not about buying and non-self-fulfillment of specific milestones.

However, often carrying these large-scale studies, which would have brought real benefits and have had practical significance, requires certain resources.For example, experiments, experiences, case studies, by its very methodology is costly.

It's no secret that the organizational issues related to the activities of the defense, especially in the final period, and may require some financial investment.But here everything is very individual, depending on the established traditions of the university, the board, the circumstances.