How to grow your nails at home

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Healthy nails - natural feminine adornment.They have a smooth surface without burrs pinkish color, spots and uneven skin around them neperesushennaya and soft.These nails can grow to that length that you need.However, very often they start to exfoliate, break or just slow down the growth.On the question of how to grow your nails at home, we will answer in this article.

Nails - is primarily a measure of health, and the availability of sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals needed in the body.Therefore, if a person regularly broken nails, covered with spots, exfoliate, you should do them back to back.To avoid disturbing problem of how to grow nails, worth a special look at the drugstore vitamin complexes and mineral supplements with calcium and other substances for nail growth.You also need to pay attention to diet - the diet have to be a large number of nuts, cereals cereals, vegetable oils and foods with gelatin.

How nails grow fast?It is necessary to take it a habit every evening to massage the fingers clean hands with a special oil or cream.Nourishing cream should always be in the purse - use it is necessary after each hand washing.If it's cold, the hands should be protected from the cold gloves, warm (but not too tight).If you have to rest on the sea, it is best at this time to abandon the varnish.Nails are strengthened under the influence of sea water.

regularly to do oil bath for nails - 1 drop of liquid glycerin added to the warmed oil.Lowering the fingertips to the resulting solution, and holding there for 20 minutes, followed by their promaknut napkin.You can every day to rub in the nail a little liquid vitamin E - it is in every pharmacy.Simply pierce the capsule and rub the liquid until completely absorbed - just a few treatments will be noticeable, however smooth and shiny steel nails.

If we started the procedure otraschivaniya prudent just to bring it to the end, not be tempted to light techniques like artificial capacity.These nails visually, of course, solve the problem, but when you remove the artificial beauty, you will have a long time to restore them.This means re-solve the problem of how to grow nails.

intensive therapy for nail or nails grow week

Very often there is a situation when an important event is planned ahead, and nails do not look in the best way, with the capacity to do no desire or ability.In such cases it is necessary to conduct intensive activities aimed at strengthening and growth of the nails.Here are some of them:

  • daily use nourishing cream and rub into the skin of the nail bed nail oil (or any type of fatty oil almond);

  • try instead of lacquer paint your nails a special "smart enamel."It will help strengthen the nails;

  • take regular baths in lukewarm water with iodine and sea salt (half a liter of water 2 tablespoons of salt and 10 drops of iodine), you can add essential oils).Keep your hands in the bath takes 15 minutes, then wet cloth;

  • will also blur fingertips fresh lemon juice;

  • if necessary to remove the remnants of the enamel, use means without acetone, for homework, wear gloves.

course of the week you do not grow a really long nails, but to strengthen them and make healthier, longer visually.By the way, if you want to extend them a bit, then you should make the event a French manicure - nails will so appear more elongated.

If the task is to grow your nails at home, made, it should fix the result.You can paint them with a special type of shellac resistant coating, can just cover their regular means of protection - it will not break off a long marigolds.Sometimes you can do the procedure of sealing the nail, which is good for their condition.