We are building a happy life.

There is a saying: "After a fight with his fists do not wave."But sometimes you want to beat the past, leave with them hurtful words said in the heat of anger, to return sooner departed loved ones, do not make rash acts.Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to forget the past.It hurts, worries, poisons exist, brings unbearable pain.

But it is impossible to live in the past.No matter how painful it may be, traveled left behind, you can not fix it.We need to live on.But how?How to forget the past, bringing so much pain?

There are two solutions to the problem.The first - the most simple.You can continue to remember that the past, cherish his sorrow, experience daily pain of resentment or loss, gradually poisoning the lives of not only themselves but others.

The second solution is more complicated, but productive.We must let go of all that has sunk into oblivion.Remember, as in the song: "And did you forgive, forgive and let go."The past is still held.Emotions smoothed, grief subsides.But in order to get rid of negative memories, you need to force myself not to think about them.That force.After all, what you will experience the daily care of a loved one, he will not return, but life would not be what it was before.

Imagine that you face the wall on which hang photos of past life.They are bright, distinct, colored.And only one of them faded, black-and-white.Look for it.Yes, it is unpleasant, it reopen the wound.But there are so many bright and vivid images.Mentally move the photo in the farthest corner.Tell yourself: "Life goes on."And then try mentally to hang on the wall of brightly colored pictures of the future life.

Take yourself to new business.No matter what it is: meeting new friends, singing in the glee club, raising grandchildren or implementation of a new business idea.If you see a deal you'll be happy to devote himself to the question of how to forget the past, falling by the wayside, and from the last over time, leaving only the pleasant, maybe a little sad, but not injuring memories.Only this should make the effort, you need to love yourself.

How to forget the past?It was written hundreds of psychology books.But they all boil down to one thing: to do this, you need to work hard.If you refuse to work on myself, prefer self-destruction of creation, the future will not be simple.

So, before you answer the question of how to forget the past, to choose the appropriate methodology and to act, think, what is more important.What do you choose - a permanent self-flagellation and eternal tears or happy future, which will not repeat the many mistakes, can succeed and continue to live?It is up to you.If you decide to continue life, do not feel sorry for yourself, and succeed.

There is another issue of concern to many.How to forget the insult?What if it is true, it would seem, people humiliated, offended or simply betrayed?

First try to understand the cause of the injury.Suddenly, you're just greatly exaggerated?No?Then try to understand why you hurt.Perhaps you yourself have provoked such an attitude?Or maybe people just wanted to get to see something that you do not notice, but did not do it very skillfully?Or maybe just unfortunate the circumstances?

Now think, why, in fact, you do not want to forgive?Perhaps it is beneficial to you.Many are trying to raise their self-esteem, not forgiving the repentant person.On the unjust can be attributed to their own failures or shortcomings.Be honest with yourself.Once aware of the reason for its deep grudges, you just become easier.

Try to reset the negative.Ways to set.You can do the smashing of the old dishes, start going to the gym or join the circle of martial arts.Just do not take it out on other people not related to the conflict.

Finally, the most important thing.Learn to forgive and love yourself.Know how to stop in time, cease to grieve for what has passed.After all, everything in life, sooner or later comes to an end, and people do not make mistakes, does not happen.

Work on yourself and be happy.