Ulyana Zeitlin: biography and personal life

Currently, such a thing as a "socialite", absolutely no one is misleading and is regarded either as a profession or as type of activity.Apparently, a large-scale propaganda played this definition is not good.Currently among the elite belong is simply kept women, regularly appearing in a secular society, but does not form it.

Well, if you look deeper, star parties owe their existence to it is they, the representatives of the "golden youth".Without its existence, they would not have been anything more than ordinary meeting of interests that in other words is called the "Parties".In fact, she acted and some Russian rich cluster of stars of show business tycoons or children until such time as it effectively does not appear Ulyana Zeitlin - certainly the only real socialite who knows her worth.It was called the uncrowned queen, as well as descriptions of the elite of the world.

little biography

Ulyana Zeitlin, biography which originates from St. Petersburg, many people are interested.The family of intellectuals, which was born in 1968, November 17, the girl's father was from Anatolia - talented artist - and my mother, was the editor of the popular publication of the Academy of Sciences.Juliana was trained in school, working at the University of Arts.After the end of her girl was admitted to the institution named after Serov.In the early years Juliana has worked with House of the Leningrad and repeatedly that it can be seen on the front page of the magazine "Fashion".

Enchanting appearance

At a time when Ulyana Zeitlin quite suddenly entered the world elite of Moscow, bohemian society was surprised, fascinated and a plan was under hypnosis.No, not by a well-groomed appearance certainly, but not spectacular blonde, and from the mysterious behavior.

should say that Ulyana Zeitlin age has never concealed.Lady and did not mean to compete with young models that accompanied the rich men with stuffed purse.She instantly was able to show its superiority over them perfectly thought out and implemented image.Imposing the oligarchs needed a girl zest, and Ulyana without any difficulty provided them with a puzzle, just like a real oriental beauty, which for the vast number of grooms suit test.For men, it was precisely that, look where you want to win, and to seek her favor.The most interesting is that the rich gentlemen interested in such a game.

Attitude to life abroad

At a time when many are thinking about how to move abroad, Ulyana Zeitlin appraising glance looked at the realities of living in Russia, because she knew the life of the ocean.Harmonious range of unusual and last name along with a residence permit in Australia (Juliana came to the "green continent") inadvertently caused her unhealthy interest and scandalous personality constantly increases it, adding fresh intrigue.Ulyana Zeitlin, biography which is constantly supplemented with new facts and conjectures secular chroniclers, has never been deprived of attention.Its main and unique role in "Miss X", she played not without talent and very inspired.

gossip about the mysterious Ulyana

Absolutely everything perfect combination of cranks, and most importantly, the time it took a minimum.That which others spend years, Juliana did just a month.She lived in a luxurious mansion, which was located on the ruble, visited the most chic restaurants, and became the owner of the most expensive collections of women's handbags famous brand Hermes.Accessories of the companies are doing just that under the order and taking into account, if the customer has at least ten thousand dollars.In the center of Russia has become a popular saying that poverty comes at a time when one day have the opportunity to spend as little as a thousand dollars.The author of this phrase, of course, was our heroine.

wide variety of rumors circulated about the identity of Ulyana Tseytlina ... then talk about what it wooed famous actor from Hollywood, she became interested in the Prince of Monaco and one of the receptions in the palace did not leave a single step away from the girl.It should be noted that the initiator of these sensations was very Zeitlin, arranging the alleged leakage of different information, and it's all backed up by staged photo.Nevertheless, the secular elite believe in all this, and Russian oligarchs fought willingly with European stars for the right location for this person.

Gossip Tseytlina and Belotserkovsk

also rumor that Boris Belotserkovsky, Ulyana Zeitlin were lovers.Many condemn her for it, because it maintained a friendship with his wife and repeatedly came to the event, arranged by Nike.Juliana denied this information, but journalists still can not calm down, and vice versa, added fuel to the fire.And once again there is news that Ulyana Zeitlin bore Belotserkovsky.The girl denied these rumors, saying that the father of the baby is a certain Andrew.

incomprehensible origin

How did a girl from a simple family in Leningrad such manners, such knowledge of social life and this desire for fame?Quite a difficult question, which is not easy to find the answer.Father, an artist, a mother-editor, logically, had to give a sense of the beautiful daughter.Well, even her education talks about it.The only thing that specialty, which chose Juliana, can be a bit confusing.Nevertheless, in the footsteps of their parents, she did not go.

Zeitlin was married once.Her husband worked as an official doctor, so he could hardly instill in her royal manners.He just gave her a loud unusual name.Married young people in 1989, after graduating from college Ulyana.For their honeymoon the couple chose Australia, and remained there for permanent residence.On his domicile overseas Ulyana Zeitlin never spread so biography of her life in this period remains a mystery.But whatever it was, it was her "Australian life" made a great asset, which in 2000 after the divorce has played her hand.

Way Ulyana Moscow

In his hometown woman lived long.She went to conquer the capital of Russia.Apparently, it was in that moment realized meeting, which can be considered in determining the fate of the hive.It was then in Moscow there was one more "lion" of Peter, at that time still glows in secular circles, but known by the name of the father - Ksenia Sobchak.Despite the age difference, the girls became fast friends.The so-called "friend of Sobchak" Uliana Zeitlin quickly realized that communication with Xenia can exploit.

Their relationship can be called a win-win - Uliana use communication Sobchak and Xenia, thanks Tseytlina, came out in the highest light.This is after a while Sobchak she will be among the socialite, and at the time of dating is Ulyana Zeitlin shared with a friend and secret seduction epatirovaniya in society.Women have long been inseparable.Sobchak even became godmother's son Uliana, but soon wanted more Xenia, began to try himself as a TV presenter and actively participate in social activities, and Juliana was still the queen of "partying."

Zeitlin shot for the magazine Playboy

In October 2007, the "socialite" finally decided to consolidate its scandalous reputation, and decided to take it to film nude for the famous magazine Playboy.Ulyana Zeitlin, who received a stunning photo was pleased with the result.According to the photo editors of the magazine, on the erotic pictures almost did not have to work in "Photoshop".

In addition to photos, Juliana gave the magazine a short interview, expressing his attitude to alcohol: "I hate champagne, I prefer to drink vodka.I love the color, the consequences, and, of course, the process itself.The very tradition developed around it: pickles, cabbage, do not snack after the first - a unique religion.Therefore, at parties, I prefer vodka, and most recently taught me to use it with beer: how to inhale and exhale, "- said Juliana.

mysterious disappearance

Toward the end of 2010, Ulyana Zeitlin completely invisible expanse left the scene - it was not her final departure, but her appearance at social events became less and less.Care socialite was associated with the birth of son Sava.As they say, the boy's father became a married tycoon, who is on the list of "Forbes".Someone said that the initiator of care Uliana the stage was just the father of the child.There is an opinion that after the birth of a baby Zeitlin new maternal feelings felt and decided to finish his "den of the way."But the information that Uliana Zeitlin and his son did not appear anywhere, it remains true.

Zeitlin periodically flashes in a secular society.In the middle of the autumn of 2011 crazy furor her way to the "New Wave", accompanied by oligarch Alexei Fedorychev, but this is only the echoes of the past.Now, new beauty, who run the show.And despite the fact that Ulyana not removed from the list "socialite", it has little to can influence.Probably, all the time, and the present situation of the former "Queen of society" it is quite satisfied.

legend remains a legend

Its now called a courtesan, and sometimes even more insulting words.Many appalled her parasitical life.Brings to the public display of its denial of interference in her looks expensive plastic surgeons, with a sneer stipulate her intellectual abilities.He walks a lot of talk on a variety of topics.Most importantly, this all Juliana respond without aggression, and sometimes even with a smile.Well, what the lioness will pay attention to conversations gazelles! ..