Pisces (zodiac sign).

twelve signs of the Zodiac "Fish" corresponds to the time period from February 19 to March 20, according to the calculations of Western Astrology.The symbol mark - the pair deployed in different directions brackets that are connected to each other, or two fish swimming in opposite directions.Astrological signs have acquired its name from the nearby constellations.The countdown is the twelfth sign of the vernal equinox.It takes a period as long as the sun is in the constellation called "Fish".

Zodiac.Characteristics and features of representatives sign

Finding the Sun in each of the constellations affect the character of a person born in this time.Characteristic sign makes it clear what the strengths and weaknesses of its members have, what the scope of its capacity to implement the most suitable.After all, when a person knows the direction in which it needs to move, he feels satisfied.Like everyone else, Pisces - Zodiac sign, characteristic of which is based on the position of the moon, sun and other planets.Stars confer distinctive qualities of the person at the time of his birth.A more accurate individual horoscope for Pisces in the week, month or year can make astrologers by date and time of birth.General description of the sign reflects the traits that are endowed with many born during the tenure of the Sun in the constellation.

especially fish is a heightened sensitivity.Their ability to subtly perceive other people's thoughts and actions that make them enjoy life, then sink into a deep melancholy.Intuition, imagination and fantasy often prevent them to separate reality from the world of dreams.Pisces - Sign of characteristic speaks of his representatives, as dreamers, philosophers, artists and poets.The subtle scent of the world makes them soft, kind and sometimes helpless.However, they are able to adapt and to take serious impression as the basis for their spiritual development: hence the Fish draw images for creativity, art and contemplation.

Qualities that will help to find themselves

Intuition - it's good, but also need logic and rational thinking to real-world perception.Representatives of the sign is not often retire - should be a balance between communication and isolation.It is necessary to choose a profession associated with quiet activity, but do not deprive yourself of collective discussion and participate in an unusual project.
Creative individuals will find themselves in the theater and cinema.Interest in the unknown opens them sailors and travelers.Pisces - Sign of characteristic clearly shows that its representatives may express themselves in psychology, parapsychology, astronomy and mythology.Goodwill and desire to help others, and love for all living things can make them excellent specialists in medicine, veterinary medicine.Building on its strengths and knowledge of the weak, it is possible to achieve harmony and live a happy life.