How to invest in gold in the bank?

Gold for centuries considered a precious metal.It is used not only to create unique jewelry, but also for the capital increase.In many ancient countries as money used gold coins.And the rulers of the most economically developed countries and now prefer to invest in gold.Its robust portfolio and be able to create a simple citizen who is little versed in the economy.

Historical facts

history of relations between humanity and gold began many years ago.The exact date of the discovery of the precious metal can not be named.Historians still argue about it.Gold has long years, valued for its unique properties.It does not oxidize, and can be stored for a long time.Some gold jewelry, which are stored in the museums of today, more than 2000 years.Gold in nature is extremely small, and in order to extract it, requires considerable financial costs.

people invest in gold since it opened.But the real investment boom began after 2000.People remembered that the precious metal - it's actually a reliable asset.Gold will never fall in price.This means that investing in the precious metal, will be able not only to preserve their finances, but also to increase them.Astute investors who have purchased gold in 2000 and today can sell it much more expensive.For 10 years troy ounce increased in price by 560%.

Modern gold market

Investing in the precious metal has always been profitable.But before you invest in gold, you should consider a number of factors.The cost of the precious metal may depend on the general state of the market at some point.So build your investment portfolio on one as soon as the gold is inappropriate.There is a risk of losing their money.

Before deciding whether to invest money in gold, worth exploring international situation.At the cost of an ounce can influence international political conflicts, legislative proposals relating to the purchase and sale of precious metals, the economic condition of the state, the level of gold reserves of the National Bank, and so on. D.

huge rise in gold prices was observed in 2011.Most experts believe that such a leap was created artificially.Panic and excitement did their job.Small investors have started to buy the precious metal in large numbers.By 2014, the global supply of the precious metal has broken all records.Today, that number exceeds 180 thousand tons.Almost half of all these stocks - jewelry.Investment savings account for only 23%.

Many investors and now rush to invest in gold.Reviews show that this way you can really earn.But this is a long-term financial instrument.Do not wait for profits in the first few months of investing.

Which way to invest in gold?

Investing in the precious metal in several ways.There is an opportunity to buy bank gold bars and coins, buy the original jewelry or antiques, open depersonalized metal account in a financial institution to start trading on the stock exchange, using the services of a broker.

purchase, according to many, is the most rational way to invest in gold.Reviews of investors shows that physical contact with the precious metal (when it can be seen in hands) gives more confidence in the future.Although the most profitable way to invest this can not be named.

Gold bars and coins

Those who do not know how to invest in gold, the Savings Bank offers to buy gold bullion or coins.The financial institution has an appropriate license to conduct transactions related to precious metals.Each gold bullion has a stigma, which means the proportion.The banks offer gold bars weighing from 1 gram to 1 kilogram.You can also find information about the factory, see the certificate of quality.

Prev while to invest in gold, the Savings Bank offers to get acquainted with the terms of the agreement.It stipulates the value of the ingot, its weight and fineness.The precious metal, which is offered in financial institutions, 99% consists of gold.

advantageous to invest in gold, you can also use a coin.They are of two types - investment and trading.The second kind is of historical value and can be used to save the capital.Collectible coins are quite expensive.The assessment can only carry out a true professional.Much easier and faster than you can buy investment gold coins.

Investing in jewelry

Even those investors who are poorly versed in the economy and financial operations, know how to invest in gold.One only has to buy the original piece of jewelry.This is the most simple and affordable way to invest.Just select jewelry and pay for it in the store checkout.There is no need to enter into a contract to fill in the declaration and so on. D.

Investing in jewelry are also a number of disadvantages.Once the product leaves the shop counter, it will fall in price by 25-35%.Implement its primary cost will be impossible.In addition, for the manufacture of jewelry almost never used in pure gold.On most products, which are presented in local jewelry stores, is 585-carat.This means that the metal contains only 58.5% of the gold.Before you invest in gold is a quality worth several times to think.Perhaps there is a sense still apply to the bank?

unallocated metal accounts in the bank

This is a common account which can be opened with a financial institution.The only difference is that it is stored grams or kilograms of gold, not the money.Many do not know how to invest in gold in the bank and do not overpay at the same time.The fact that physical buying of the precious metal at the time of conclusion of the contract does not occur.This means that the transaction is not taxed.Money is made on a specific account.Thus there is a currency conversion at the rate of sale on a specific day.

It is possible to open a term deposit the metal.The yield will be higher.An investor can earn by rising gold prices on the domestic market, and will also receive interest on your deposit.

Opening of depersonalized metal account at the bank has some nuances.Conclusion of the contract does not require any financial costs.But if an investor wants to receive the amount of the deposit in gold, there will be some costs.First of all you will be charged 18% VAT on the deposit amount.In addition, you will need to double-check the dimension of the ingot.But this procedure is also performed not free.

What a way to invest profitable?

Every novice investor, sooner or later wondering about how to invest in gold is the most profitable.It all depends on what the expected results.If you want to just save their capital, the purchase of physical gold is fine.But there is better to give preference banking bullions and coins.In this way, the money will be able to survive much longer.

those who want to earn gold still makes sense to reflect on unallocated metal accounts in the bank.The main risks associated with the storage and the content of the precious metal remains of a financial institution.The investor will receive a guaranteed profit.Much more it will be if to conclude agreement with the bank for a long time.

Which bank trust capital?

For those who do not know how to invest in gold, VTB 24, Sberbank and Alfa-Bank offer the most favorable conditions.These financial institutions occupy a leading position in the domestic market.Sberbank, for example, is working with depersonalized metal accounts since 2002.During this time, use the services of a financial institution had many investors.Some even managed to double its capital.The Bank operates as the accounts and the physical gold.

working conditions of Alfa-Bank and VTB 24 is very similar.These financial institutions have far fewer branches in the country, rather than Sberbank.However, problems tend to arise.Even for small investors is provided information on how to invest in gold.Alpha Bank offers physical purchase of precious metal or opening an account from 1 gram.

Trade through brokers

understand the economy, investors are in no hurry to carry the money to the bank.Trading gold can be traded.This is the most complex and at the same time profitable investment option.It is not enough to have only the initial capital.You need to know the nuances of trading on the stock exchange, to understand the terms and financial instruments.At the same time, you can get a decent income, not only at the time of rising prices for the precious metal.An experienced broker will be able to earn and at the drop of the value of an ounce.

trade gold on the market can only truly experienced investor.There is a huge risk of a total loss of his capital.

Should I invest in gold?

About 50% of all transactions involving gold, occur when the state begins the economic crisis.This is due to the fact that the precious metal is one of the most stable instrument of investment.The price of an ounce of never standing still.Gold is at one moment may grow in value by 15% or more cheaper.

Investing in the precious metal is best for the long term.It should be for 5-7 years to forget about his investment portfolio.In this case, it would indeed be a high yield.