Change Law in Moscow.

Every year the number of men and women sitting down behind the wheel of the vehicle increases.In order that they may possess the skill of driving and learn to recognize different traffic signs and markings, in all the cities of the Russian Federation operate special classes and driving schools.The greatest number of them are concentrated in the capital.There are numerous places that allow to change the law.In Moscow and in the Moscow region is home to the driver, sooner or later, before it raises the question of obtaining a new license, allowing to drive a vehicle.Who should I contact?What documents are required for the process of change right?Where to change the law in Moscow, a person with a temporary registration?What to consider in this process?These and many other questions reveal this article


receive and change the rules

As you know, if a person decides to join the community of drivers of the country, it must go through several procedures.First and foremost is to get right.STSI gives every adult citizen of the country the chance to join the ranks of drivers.This driver's license is issued for a specified period.After the expiration of the period of time necessary to change the law.In Moscow, St. Petersburg or in any other city it can be done in specially designed for this purpose institutions.

lost identity?Get new easy!

Reasons for replacement certificates can be mass.As mentioned, the most common of them - it expire.It is also necessary to change the law (in Moscow or any other city), if the license has come into disrepair, it was lost or stolen.

is also desirable, but it is absolutely not necessary to get a new "crust", if a person changed his name, first name or first name.It often happens that an individual passes the test initially to manage passenger vehicle.Therefore, his identity will be indicated only one given category.Gradually, a person may want to expand the list, adding to the bus, trucks and motorbikes.Then he takes additional training to obtain a special certificate after the course.However, in the driver's license for driving a vehicle contains only one category.It is therefore necessary replacement rights.In Moscow, this procedure is not particularly different from other regions.The ability to obtain the capital of the new license granted to those citizens who are registered or have temporary registration in the city.

We go to any branch of Traffic Safety Inspectorate

few years ago, traffic police capital publicly announced that the change of law in Moscow will be easier.Now, in order to obtain a new license, just visit any branch of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.This innovation helps to facilitate the procedure for changing the rights and prevent the occurrence of huge queues.This rule applies to residents of the regions.That is, a person with registration in Moscow, can change a driver's license in Moscow.Anyone who lives in the area, has the right to visit any regional office, and a resident of Krasnoyarsk - in the offices of the city, and so on. D.

Help and medical board

After selecting the places you want to collect a package of necessary documents.In order to change the law, the person will be required:

  1. statement, which spelled out the information about the desire to get a new driver's license.
  2. valid passport or identity card and having a mark for registration.
  3. medical certificate in accordance with the established form and a copy of it.
  4. Photo size 3 * 4.
  5. old law.
  6. Receipt of payment of fees.As a rule, this procedure can go directly to the department of traffic police.The size of the state fee is different for different types of driving licenses.Thus, the national rights for a period of ten years shall be issued after payment to the cashier 800 rubles.The reason that led to a change of identity, does not matter.State fee for the issuance of rights for up to two months (provisional) for the period of all kinds of checks is 500 rubles.
  7. If the reason for the change of identity is a new first name or middle name, you must provide a document, it is a confirmation of this fact.

Additional materials

addition to the above, the applicant may request a certificate proving the passing of the courses in a driving school and obtaining rights in Moscow and other Russian cities.However, so-called driver card has not all.As a rule, those who were trained in a driving school as an external student, this document does not have.The presence of this certificate is desirable but not necessary.The cause of the presented by the traffic police claim to show the driver card may be only certain grounds.For example, no doubt that the old rights of the citizen are true.It is noteworthy that the fake certificates are quite common.

waiting period

As a rule, the new certificate shall be issued on the day the person submitting the application.However, there are exceptions.So, if you need confirmation from other regions of the issued medical certificate or a driver's license, the Commission sends a request to the appropriate authorities.Special attention is paid to the offense.Before finding all the circumstances and conduct various types of audits applicant receives a provisional license for a period up to two months.

probable difficulty

There is nothing complicated to change the license.However, sometimes you may encounter with some "pitfalls".So, if you decide to exchange the rights, make sure that all the necessary documents were in the folder you have to visit the traffic police department.This is especially true copy of the medical certificate.The hope is that somewhere near the Inspectorate will copier can not be confirmed.The result - your time and nerves.

Usually, the citizen gets a new driver's license at the place of their permanent or temporary registration.He may live in a completely different area.In order to reduce the time to collect the necessary documents to change the rights of a citizen commission held at the place of their dislocation.In principle, the state inspection of safety of traffic without problems takes reference of this kind.However, the case and trouble.Sometimes the traffic police sends a request to a medical facility: issued there this help or not, whether the organization has a license for it, and so on. D. This information is available on the phone, but sometimes, the Commission sent an official letter.Therefore, in order to save time or need to stock up a copy of the license of medical institution, or take commission on the place of registration.

recieve international law or not?

Many drivers believe that the national driver's license issued in the territory of Russia, gives them the right to operate a vehicle and abroad.However, this is not true.If a citizen the right to receive up to the first March 2001, then driving in a European country or any other country it is necessary to obtain international law.In Moscow, you can do so at any branch of the traffic police.In accordance with the Vienna Convention driver's license must contain information about the driver numbered.Older variants of the same lack of such information.

Interesting fact: abroad on Russian national driving license can easily rent a car.But in the case of a traffic accident the police will be considered a citizen of the Russian Federation as a person without rights.It is therefore necessary to have at itself as a national and international driving license.The latter is a more help, which provides translation of the main document authorizing management vehicle (Russian law).