Makeup Secrets: Terms correction forehead

form our forehead is directly dependent on the structure of the frontal bone of the skull.We all know that the shape of the forehead can be very different: it may be high, low, wide, narrow, convex or flat.If you do not like the forehead, which nature has endowed you, then do not worry because of imperfections in its structure.Just take a little time and effort, and change the shape of the forehead as you need.

If your forehead bulging enough, in your opinion, you need to lighten it with a lighter shade of powder, than the one you normally use.Apply a light powder on the frontal bumps and middle of the forehead.Thoroughly blend the border that was not noticeable shift from a light shade to a dark powder.

Needless broad forehead it is easy to visually narrow by a darker color.On top of the general tone, apply a little powder on the dark temple depression and how to blend.Thus you will achieve the visual reduce the width of the forehead.

Did you know that the width of the forehead does not depend onl

y on the structure of the frontal, bones, but also the shape of the eyebrows?Thick eyebrows raised high, making the forehead narrower, but the short eyebrows with blond hair, in contrast, are able to further increase the frontal area.

Fashion on the exterior has always been very different.It dictated its conditions and forms.Here the width of the forehead at different times treated differently.The ancient Greeks believed that it is necessary to close the forehead.To do this, they used a variety of hair and dressing.With regard to the Renaissance, then high and bulging forehead was an integral part of female attractiveness.

those whom nature has endowed this forehead, did not have to do in order to pass for a beauty.But those ladies who were not born and high convex forehead, turned to the help of cosmetics.In order to increase the frontal area, they have resorted to various tricks, for example, plucked her eyebrows and even eyelashes.

If you look closely at the portrait of women of the Renaissance, you'll notice that the line of the forehead they obviously overestimated.It has also happened that some of the beauties of the time line of his forehead was placed so high that it seemed as if it divides into two equal parts of the front and the occipital side of the head.Take at least a portrait of "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci.This woman could not be considered beautiful in the time of a great artist - a high bulging forehead, plucked eyebrows, eyelashes subtle.

So if you want to adjust the forehead of certain dimensions, then it is not necessary always to resort to cosmetics.Lighten and thin out his eyebrows, and your forehead will appear higher.Highlight the brow brighter on the face and make them more visually dense using the stick, and then your forehead will be less.

In addition to these methods, you can use the other.For example, if you have too low brow, and you are not completely satisfied, then take it a rule not to wear bangs, try to wear a hairstyle where the hair is cleaned up.This forehead is always only light powder to powder.A high forehead, on the contrary, it is best to hide under the bangs.

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