How to build pecs Houses

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For men strong pectoral muscles are very important.They attract the attention of female and effectively appear regardless of whether they are hidden under clothes or not.But women appreciated your work over the powerful and beautiful breasts to work.Then you will feel more confident, and women will appreciate your efforts.

Inflate pectoral muscles at home is possible with the right approach.Consider all the details.The pectoral muscles are involved in many movements.They are muscular support arms, so arm strength also depends on the efficiency of these muscles.The pectoral muscles are utilized in many movements and exercises, they are one of the most important muscles, so it is important to know how to pump up the pectoral muscles.

The man pectoral muscle is located on a large area and quite extensive, so strengthening of it should work in different ways.For each section of the muscles there are several different types of exercises.There are some basic rules that should be read before the pump pectoral muscles at home.

Rule one. The greater the distance between the hands-ups or wider grip, the more work the muscles of the upper.This rule makes good pump upper pecs.However, beginners should take enough already, but not too much.Optimum grip - a little wider than shoulder width.

second rule. higher raise their hands when performing push-ups or bench press, the better the upper section of the pectoral muscles.As in real life, we rarely work with your hands above your head, so it is necessary to set of exercises include push-ups, with an emphasis hands slightly above the collarbone.

Rule Three. Hands should be gently compress and decompress sharply.The best option - to squeeze hands twice slower unclamping.

Rule Four. At a position where the feet are above the head, the maximum efficiency is achieved by push-ups.

Rule Five. very important to follow your breath.When you breathe out the greatest efforts, and when the greatest relaxation breath.That is, when push-ups while driving down the inhale and exhale as you move up with force.This rule applies for all strength exercises, and not just if you want to pump up the pectoral muscles at home.

Rule Six. Muscles need to rest.Go in through the day as one day they will not have time to rest.If muscle pain after training, do not be afraid - this is evidence of their growth.

How to build chest muscles at home - exercise.

usual push-ups. Place hands on the floor should be slightly larger than the width of the shoulders and at the level of the clavicles, straight body and clasped his feet rest on the floor socks.When lowering his hands gently squeeze, and then sharply unbend them.This kind of exercise is the first to warm up the muscles.Aim to do three times in 20-25 pushups.

legs above his head. Put a chair, the emphasis should be good, toes rest against it, and set up the hands as well as in the first exercise.Make sure that the body was straight, and follow ups.This exercise is essential for the development of the chest muscles.It should do 4 sets of 10-20 reps.

Squeezing stretch. To better develop the pectoral muscles, be sure to perform stretching exercises.For these exercises put two chairs so that when the palm hands were at the level of the clavicles and a little wider than shoulder width.Legs should be thus throw on the sofa and it is desirable that he was above the level of the chairs.It is a deep sink with the right body push-ups until you feel a mild pain in the chest, muscle while stretched, and thus will then grow.Hands decompress rapidly exhale.We need to do 4 sets, and the number of repetitions depends on your fitness level.