Why and what do veterans' organizations?

you know that older people are more and more?There are objective reasons.But we are not interested in them.Let's look at how society decides on the elderly, which institutions are called to help them.To do this, create veterans' organizations.About them they know not all.And the question is, however, interesting and relevant.

What veterans' organizations?

In a democratic society is not a single field.It is, so to speak, divided into "Interest".That is, each group is united and defend their own views in all possible ways.Russian veteran organizations have been around for a long time, since 1991.They were created to protect the interests of senior citizens.And got its name due to the fact that at the time they entered World War II veterans.They were in those days there were many more.That turned the veteran organization.It should be noted that this formal structure.It operates on the basis of legislation.And there is not only in Russia but in all countries of the former Soviet Union.However, in some veterans' organizations unite the followers of that ideology.This refers to the Baltic States.However, any such structure is built on the principles of voluntary and aimed at caring for the elderly.

working methods

convene the elderly, small, they should be organized, to give them a purpose and so on.This involved veterans' organizations.They keep records of their members, they are studying the problem, analyze the state policy in the social sphere.All named work is divided, so to speak, on the steps.For example, the primary veteran organization concerned with the citizens on the ground.That is, it is created in a city or village, brings together people living there.At this level, of course, government policies do not do.However, the primary work is extremely important.Perhaps it is now the most urgent.After all, at this level, you can talk to each pensioner, veteran, find out what their concerns or worries.Such information is collected and systematized.Some problems can be solved immediately, others are systemic in nature, and belong to the sphere of social policy.

interaction with local authorities

veteran community organizations generally do not collect contributions from their members.Some are financed from the budget.Others exist on donations.It is clear that this money is negligible.To help veterans they were clearly not enough.Yes, and not the essence of organizations.They are, so to speak, accumulate information on the problems.But they called on the authorities to decide.To this end, make the appropriate treatment, negotiations, meetings are held and so on.When the local government is sensitive to its elderly, its representatives are actively involved in the solution of their problems.We can say, the state and society work hand in hand.So, in any case, under the law.

Specific work in the sphere of attention of veteran organizations get absolutely all the issues of concern to senior citizens.This is a huge area of ​​work.It is necessary to provide legal and material assistance, medical services and more.And not only this.Older people sometimes just need to focus and communication.After all, many of them feel abandoned and useless.That has to heads of organizations and volunteers to spin in all directions.They organize festivals, and to the heads running around asking "uncomfortable questions".Yet you need to get to a hospital or a ticket to "knock out" a sanatorium.Also, you need during the holidays every member of the team to pay attention.This work involved schoolchildren and young people.This is not only important for the elderly.It is necessary to think about the connection between generations, on the transfer of historical experience and the relationship to the Motherland young.Work is important for the country as a whole.There have veterans' organizations and the "theoretical" section.They have invaluable information about the specific implementation of the laws on the ground.They can see which ones work and which ones are failing or brake.These data are combined and sent to the legislative authority for further work.Outdoor activities associated with the life of veterans, the necessity for any country.Otherwise, the elderly will have no one to consult with their pain.