How to become the best lover for her man?

Each of us remembers begins a relationship with a beloved man, what were bright emotions like feeling beaten over the edge.But over time, the relationship becomes more common, and a quick glance will not make your heart beat faster.It is at such moments of women to ask questions about how to become the best lover for his men.But from what is really the future of relations?

accept the inevitable ...

It's no secret that the bright flash of passion and emotions, which are so pleasing to us in the beginning of the relationship, partly due to the release of specific hormones.But over time, the brain stops producing such a large number of biologically active substances, and the body becomes less sensitive to it.At this point, inspiring tunes a feeling of love begins to wear off.But to replace the body's physiological responses come true feelings.They are deeper and more severe.So do not despair if the passion began to subside - this is perfectly normal is quite a natural phenomenon, encountered almost everyone.Perhaps we should think not only about how to become a better husband, a lover, but also how to become his friend and support.After all, true love and deep affection is much more important.

How to become the best lover for her man?The technical side of the issue

Yes, ceased to be an all-consuming passion, but that does not mean that we should not try to ignite it.And if the problems of everyday life captured with your head and not enough time out to enjoy each other's company, it's time to think about how to be a good husband's mistress.

course, work, household chores and the children are able to nullify all the romantic impulses.But you can always set aside some time for yourself.Think about how were your first meeting with loved ones, how carefully you choose clothes and underwear, trying to be real perfect.But after you've moved in together, the appearance does not seem so important to you?This is completely wrong point of view.Of course, to cook dinner in the evening dress is not necessary, but be sure to show off your man how much you care, that he thought you were beautiful.

Many women complain of inexperience, which supposedly prevents them close to her husband.In fact, the experience - it is not important.How to become the best lover?Refer to the source.Ask your man.After all, who better than he knows about his own desires?Only together you can improve your intimate relationships.

And do not forget that for a rich sex life requires some physical training.Light exercises, regular exercise, you will add endurance, flexibility and grace.

get rid of stereotypes

Yes, we all are influenced by the environment in which we live.And the conventional stereotypes often cause confusion and a lot of related problems.Yes, some men like it when a woman meets them in a frank and leopard lingerie with bright makeup.Are you sure that your husband is that?Maybe he likes white lace ... Or maybe he finds seductive flannel nightgown, and "dance with a pole" will cause the faithful, at least slight bewilderment?

Another stereotype.Is it true that, if you like to spend less time in your bed, it means that he has to accept another woman?Before wondering what might be an imaginary opponent, try to look for the answer in the other direction.What if the reason for such behavior of the husband lies within you?And here again we return to our subject.As well as how to attract the attention of the spouse?What to do to him seemed the sky with diamonds?

In fact, a lot of these issues.And there is only one person with a ready-made answers.To learn how to become the best lover can tell you only your man.The problem is that often we are afraid to ask.

mutual understanding, sincerity and complete trust - that is the only way to harmony.Therefore, all the issues and problems you have to solve together.If you do not know how to, then just ask one another.And remember that the intimate life depends on other aspects of the relationship.If you are driving out of bed like a too demanding woman, meet a man at the door "with a frying pan in hand," lacking in every way and makes you feel insecure, you should not rely on the passion.Serious relationships are built largely thanks to a compromise.And you have to decide whether or not your man so much effort.