Effective management of personnel - this is the best way to achieve prosperity of the enterprise

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main component of the success of any company is its employees.A competent management personnel - a key position in the enterprise market, which determines its value and financial growth.

for the proper organization of workers alone, the individual qualities of the head is very small.Here it is necessary to know the management, methods of efficient management and actual examples from successful leaders.

staff and its role in the enterprise

staff - are individuals, consisting now (as a legal entity) in the relationship which are governed by a contract of employment or an employment contract.These relations can participate and co-owners and the owners of the enterprise (as individuals), if, in addition to its part of the income obtained even pay for that personally participate in its activities.

personnel of the enterprise - is the staff that has a number of attributes: skills, competencies and abilities.

All employees of the company are classified into the following categories: workers, technical employees, experts, professionals and executives.

Depending on the type of staff can be divided into the following groups: operational, repair, maintenance, service, technical and administrative.

Personnel Management - is the activity of the enterprise managers, which is aimed at the development of targeted strategies and concepts in the field of personnel policy and management practices in the workplace.

This process consists of a system of interrelated organizational, social and economic measures to create normal conditions for the functioning of formation and maximize operating potential.Human Resources Management - is a continuous process aimed at achieving the objectives by motivating workers and changing purposes.

Work motivation

Work motivation and satisfaction with the results of not only depend on the employee.An important role in this process takes immediate supervisor.

Personnel Management - is the impact on the people so that they have the desire to work, to show their best side.

Motivation - a set of external (legal provisions, administrative action, collective incentives and rules of conduct) and internal (personal needs, personal values, personal interests, ideals and motives) driving forces.

Personnel Management - a precise definition of goals and the realization of final results.Director shall organize the production process in a way that subordinates saw the importance of the early stages and had the opportunity to participate in the final decision.The work was organized on these principles ensures the satisfaction of all participants in the workflow.

Management Service

service personnel management - is the number of structural units (in management) in conjunction with officials who manage employees within the chosen policy.

in personnel management services include: Department of hiring and firing workers, Human Resources, Service selection, adaptation, training, planning, forecasting, Department of welfare and recreation and regulation of labor conditions.

This service is a structural unit that is not directly involved in productive activities, thus helping to ensure the normal functioning of the enterprise.Work Management Services has two areas: strategic and tactical.

strategic direction of the service is focused on the development of personnel policy.It is the development of theoretical views, demands, ideas, methods and practices of HR.

Within the framework of the tactical direction is realized current staffing activities to create a manpower company.The essence of the work in this direction is the clear separation of functions of staff and their implementation in practice.

Concept, goals and objectives personnel management

In conclusion, it should be noted that the main goals and objectives of management of the company is to provide highly qualified personnel, and their effective use, as well as the organization of professional development of subordinates.

To date, the basic concept of management of the company are: the role of the individual employee, the knowledge of motivational factors, the ability to develop and guide them in the implementation of the tasks set by the enterprise.