Tolkien's dream book: fish living dream for good

interpret the dream of live fish should be based on the gender of the person in whose brain this image was born.This is evidenced by any dream book.Fish live in water woman predict a good situation, a man - very different.

Dreams: Live fish in a dream girls

young girl or woman a dream predict pregnancy.Caught fish - I wait for replenishment.Especially good if the water, which lapped the catch was clean and clear.If you dream of a woman standing on the beach and see how it swims a fish, and then the next and so on, it can be interpreted as follows: how many of them were caught, many children she will have.If she sees a dead inmate pond, then it waits for trouble.Perhaps pregnancy is heavy or it will break during the illness.

Dreams: Live fish in a dream man

strong half of mankind a dream promises a profit or success.If a man catches a fish in clean water, then it will acquire wealth.The dirty - the money will come to his dishonest ways.After such a dream waiting for his feelings about a po

ssible collision with the law, or he will suspect their partners of infidelity.Seeing dead fish - to the loss: where the benefits seem obvious, a person expects a complete failure.Do not risk the finances after such notice.If you dream that you are fishing nets inhabitants of the pond, then your income will delight you with its stability as prompt any dream book.Live fish, big and small, gets into the trap laid by, he speaks about financial flows, which will be the result of your hard work.The more the catch, the more stable will return.And what about this situation, says Dream Book: live fish caught with his bare hands?This dream is to get you to believe in themselves, enough to ensure a comfortable life to your loved ones.His talent, you will achieve greater income and well-being.

Dreams: live fish in an aquarium

Watch beautiful little marine life in an artificial reservoir - to good productive ideas.Perhaps the first results will not be too impressive, but eventually your business will grow and develop, take you to the summit of success.Dead fish in the aquarium - your ideas are empty.Their implementation will not lead to anything other than the losses and disappointments.Catch the inhabitants of the aquarium and catch - successfully cultivate.No catch - to the empty dreams of prosperity and wealth.

Dreams of fish in pregnant

For moms nice to see sea creatures splashing in clear water.Says Dream Book: live fish pregnant predicts quick and easy delivery.After this vision, you can not worry about the health of the baby.Everything goes well!To see a dead fish - to the disease.

Exotic dreams

If you dreamed that you were attacked by predatory fish and bite you, then you are waiting for loss or unjustified expenditure.Welfare will gradually leave you, giving way to strife and poverty.Something you do not.If you dream that you escape from the big fish - soon you literally fall riches!Profits will be unexpected and very pleasant.