What a shock: how to prevent this condition?

term "shock" is very well known doctors, outreach "emergency" that work with people injured, associated with risk to life.Car accident, collapse, earthquake, fire, electric shocks - all of which can cause a shock, which is not more than a short-term reduction in body functions.Extreme factors can disrupt vital systems, and in the case of refusal of first aid and did cause them to stop.However, in psychology, this term is widely known.What is the emotional shock?Try to understand.

Background to the situation

Any experiences from the past are able, somehow, to remind myself.Even if enough time has passed, and the man is quite able to cope with the problem.Sometimes frightening memories back brief snatches of memory, sometimes unexplained emotional outbursts and sometimes obsessive sense of fear.In this case, a state of shock may be caused by the situation, duplicate horrible scene from the past that if a person makes to relive the horror.

symptoms of shock

The most vulnerable people are those who have suffered severe emotional trauma once in the past.The most common conditions a possible state of shock occurs in individuals exposed to violence in the family or with peers, as well as undergoing an attack mentally unbalanced people.

In this case, the layering of each other pictures of reality and of their past life can actually cause symptoms of shock - decreased blood pressure, dilated pupils, stupor, decreased heart rate, general weakness, decreased skin temperature, pulse failure.Wherein the symptoms manifested by different people differently.The shock of the incident can cause almost as a respiratory arrest, and, on the other hand, rapid intermittent heavy breathing.

traumatic experience

Psychological trauma is almost always associated with a threat to life and personal security.In this case, if a person is left alone with any threat without seeing the strength to resist it.Very often, people subjectively assess the situation, seeing it as a danger, even if there is no threat of physical exposure does not exist.That is why that is a shock, a well-known survivors of last severe psychological trauma.To get rid of obsessive phobias and fears, it requires a long rehabilitation period, preferably under the supervision of specialists.

What situations can cause emotional shock?

One single recollection of past life on the recent disasters can haunt a person constantly.However, people who do not have strong negative prints, and there may be a state of shock.So, this feeling often cause:

  • some unexpected, completely unexpected event.
  • repeated recurrence of the same situation.
  • Intentional cruelty of others.
  • negative childhood memories.

«I was shocked," - says the woman who lost a young relative in a car accident.Indeed, she could not foresee something like that, did not expect this, because her cousin was full of strength and health.

same way people feel, knowing that their city wielding serial killer.Fear and horror at the time of possession of their minds, and then they begin to feel a terrible anxiety for their loved ones.Moreover, this fear can be cultivated awareness of helplessness and inability to influence the situation.In this case, each new crime to go public, could cause another wave of shock.

Who is most affected by this?

addition survivors once the deep psychological trauma, left an indelible mark on the rest of his life, the most emotionally vulnerable are those people who are currently in a deep depression.Stress itself can trigger shock situation, as if from nowhere.Too vulnerable, those who recently experienced a series of events that led to losses and loss.People like myself cease to belong to any sudden scream or surprise can already cause a notorious state of shock.

What is shock and how to prevent it in the future?

Indelible traumas so often can cause ordinary emotional turmoil, often stretch us from childhood.If an adult man, sooner or later will be able to come to terms with the loss of a loved one or their own fears, the child receives a mark on the rest of his life.That is why it is very important to take care of their children's mental state, not subject them to cruel punishments for the slightest infraction, not to introduce them into the environment, endangered, not to move away, do not bully, do not neglect in any case not to offend.

What a shock, it is known to parents, mocks his own children from their bitter experience.People can cause physical and emotional harm to others, as a child themselves systematically abused.Think about how to maintain the mental health of their children.