What are figure skating jumps ?Rocker jump in figure skating .Short Ribs jump in figure skating

Today, professional athletes use the whole arsenal of tricks jump, divided into two separate groups.Short Ribs jump in figure skating got its name thanks to the technique of pushing away an edge ridge.By the rib is axel jump, loop and Salchow.

next group - Noskov jump in figure skating - requires repulsion toed ridge on which the number of special teeth.In this group of athletes jumping the most frequently performed all favorite coat, lutz and flip.

Axel Axel - a jump in figure skating, skaters who regarded as the most complex element in terms of technical performance.Jump is the only access to which is carried out while moving forward.Correct execution requires the skater Axel slip out and making a lunge on the right foot with a turn forward.During the jump skater simultaneously throws one free leg and slightly slows down the other.

Rotation in the air when the axel needs a quick regrouping, ensuring a smooth stress on flywheel leg.In spite of the repulsion when accelerating forward, the athlete lands back to the direction of movement.Therefore, the jump in figure skating is a unique element, where the number of rotations is evaluated solely for the halves.

For a long time was considered axel male element of figure skating.Only in the middle of the last century American Carol Heiss secured the title of the first woman, who conquered the double axel.Later, in 1988, triple the rotation when the failed item JPY Midori Ito.Since that time, the achievement of athletes at official competitions managed to repeat only five girls.However, axel for women is not considered absolutely essential element of the program.


Probably for a professional skater there is an easier jump in comparison with salhovom.This single rib Jump Ulrich Salchow first performed in 1909.After a decade, the athletes began to show double and triple salhovy.Well quad resigned young skater Timothy Goebel in 1998.

If we talk about the technique performing a jump, then it is the following.Sunset on the arc of rotation is in the direction of the back-inside.Parallel to this runs the free leg swing around the body.Athlete lands on the outside edge, and then centrifugal foot drops to the site and continues to move.

Loop Loop - rib jump in figure skating, commonly known as the "loop."For the first time in international competition element is a German figure skater Werner Ritterbergerom back in 1910.

Technique loop requires sliding backward-out building on the right foot.The free foot comes crosswise with respect to the base, turning the housing counterclockwise.At the same time performed the repulsion with the right foot.


most common jump in figure skating is called toe.It is with a lot of athletes are beginning familiarity with the technical elements of sports discipline.For the first time with a single turnover jump was made in 1920, the American athlete Bruce Meypom.Later, to the complexity of the element have been added three more rotation.

skaters today considered as quite light toe loop jump in figure skating.For the technically correct implementation of the element you want to take-off from the toe of the left skate, reverse and landing on the outside edge of the skating foot.Skaters performing a jump in traffic for an hour hand, respectively, to change the pace of repulsion and landing.

Rocker jump half-turned

Compared with sheepskin three or four rotation changeover jump in figure skating is considered a relatively simple element.Running he sweeps the direction counterclockwise.Then it carried on rolling slightly bent at the knee right leg.When driving on the outer surface of the skate blade with hands divorced in the front direction, there is set to jump.

abruptly moved his right foot in front of left and straightening the bent knee, you can pretty easy rotation of the half-turned.Thus arms act as buoyancy.

changeover to jump not escaped from the date of the change of the feet when pushing off, you should try to freeze a moment in limbo.Completely left leg straightened only in the jump.


The second element of complexity among a group Noskov jumps in figure skating is flip.The name of the item is received due to the distinctive click that is heard athletes during its execution.Triple Flip first made in the mid-70s.Unfortunately, a quadruple jump in figure skating is not because no one obeyed.

Performing sunset flip demands towards the rear, with a focus on the inner edge of the supporting leg.Next sock free foot hits the ground, then takes off from the rotation and rolled back-out.


Professional figure skaters consider lutz as the most difficult in technical terms Noskov jump.The first element has been demonstrated by the Austrian Alois Lutz athlete in international competitions in 1913.It took some ten years to learn the skaters perform double and triple lutz.It is remarkable, but the quad obeyed American Brandon Mroz a century after the appearance of an element in a competitive practice.

Technique element is the box on the left leg with a focus sock feet in the ice-free.Turnover occurs simultaneously with a touch of the front of the skate area due to a sharp movement of the arms and torso.By implementing a few spins on the counter-clockwise direction, the athlete relies on the right foot with access to back-out.

a result

Jumping - the most exciting element of figure skating.That rotation in flight is a major part of the modern program of the competition.Dizzying stunts jumping not only make the audience scream with fear, but also to feel the joy of adrenaline.

dismantled in the art to perform basic jump elements, the athlete discovers a completely different facet of sports discipline, change their vision of existing programs and their own view of the system of judicial evaluation.