Dress code: the laws of the genre for business ladies and gentlemen

Yes.And gentlemen, too.
It should be a woman to know how to look at the working conditions of her man, a business partner or a boss.
So, about everyday clothes for those who go to work.
We hope that these tips will help you and your man.

And this girl needs headdress

1. two consecutive days in the same can not come.If the same suit, then another shirt (men tie and the other, of course, a fresh shirt).
Otherwise it will look like you or do not spend the night at home, or do not wash their clothes.Both are extremely bad taste.

2. At work, the lady never takes off his jacket.A man can take it off on two conditions: he is at his desk and asked for permission from female colleagues.If a man, sitting without a jacket, was summoned to the next room, you have to wear a jacket.

3. men's shirts special attention.The British called the shirt collar and tie "the main area of ​​style."We are talking about the ideal state of collar.Even if a shirt washed and ironed, but the collar and cuffs look "so-so", then this shirt - "red light".Women blouse just "monitor" on the cuffs and collar.

4. Male tie must cover two centimeters trouser belt.

5. Bad Taste wear a tie lighter shirt.

6. lower button on the men's jacket is not fastened ever.Female jacket at all times fully buttoned.

7. color belt on men's trousers should match the color of the shoe.

8. men's business shoes in 90% of cases black.Brown shoes gentleman can afford only in the summer with bright costumes or outing.

9. With socks like this: black shoes socks are also black.With brown shoes the color of socks equals the color of his tie.Not trousers, as many mistakenly believe, namely tie!But as with light suits and brown shoes nothing but light-gray tie and put on something on her husband's impossible, then the socks, too, bought a gray.Although both say!If it is conceived in the light suit dress in blue or crimson tie, the socks you want do not want to have to look blue or crimson.

10. More about socks: if the male socks discovered the slightest hole, they can no longer be worn.The same etiquette says about stockings and pantyhose.

11. Color belt buckles men should match the color of the bracelet watch.

12. color metal parts handbag should match the tone (gold or silver) with decorations.At the same time gold and silver jewelry can not be worn.White gold with yellow, red and green gold please.Avid silver etiquette allows you to wear it well, but I want to remind only one rule of old times: do not wear silver, because with him to eat.

13. Bad Taste worn under all circumstances the same clock.With the clock situation is the same as with clothes: there are office (business), there are sports, have to testify or travel, and have clock reception.Yes, the majority of business is difficult to understand and even more so to get used to this requirement of good manners, but after ten years ago, few of us are versed in foreign cars or electronics.And now even the rural schoolboy knows a good judge.With the clock as it will take some time for yourself and we feel the impropriety of the same hours "on all occasions."

14. clean cloth handkerchief and women (purse, batiste, perfumed) and the gentlemen (in the trouser pocket) a mandatory element of the wardrobe.Paper napkins are only relevant during a cold.

15. jacket, even the most expensive does not belong to the category of business clothes.She put only on weekends and in the garden.

16. Coats: the longer, the more respectable.Men coat length below the knee, with the ladies or below the knee or ankle.

17. When wearing gloves, you have to wear a hat.He who walks in gloves with bare head, deliberately violates etiquette.

18. Exchangeable shoes at work - it is a very good tone.There are many examples where the requirement to wear winter shoes in the office was the point of the service contract.Ladies should remember that the sandals as a genre at work is always out of place (even in the heat of their shoes can be opened either heel or toe).Flip-flops, clogs and slippers reserved for the beach and garden.

19. Under no circumstances business woman does not exposes or foot (miniskirt or just bare) or hands (sundresses, and sleeveless dresses).

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