Jealousy - a sign of love?

Sooner or later, every person at least once in their life to meet with such a feeling as jealousy.The problem of jealousy affects a large number of people.What is the nature of this feeling?Jealousy - a sign of love?Or a symbol of human selfishness?In any case, the problem is immense extent.Almost every women's magazine published at least one test of jealousy.Glossy magazines are full of articles about this feeling.Jealousy, quotes of which can be found in almost any book has become part of human life.What we will this feeling?And it is true or false: "Jealousy - it is a sign of love"?Let's look at the nature of this feeling.

Jealousy - What is it?

itself destructive jealousy.It is based on dissatisfaction, insecurity, mistrust, or desire for revenge to another person.The ratio of men to women is often accompanied by similar emotions.What does this mean?The fact that jealousy - a sign of the love of a man or a sign of his self-doubt?In most cases, any manifestation of feelings - detonating a cocktail of several emotions.Jealousy husband, wife, children or friends, intertwined with other negative feelings: resentment, anger, sadness, loneliness - pushes a person to commit acts that have often backfired.Therefore, you must find the strength to curb it.

Jealousy - a sign of love?

Many believe that this feeling - one of the many manifestations of love.But is it?Of course, we will only be jealous of those people who mean a lot to us.However, if a person experiences a similar feeling, it does not mean that he loves.Therefore, jealousy has some other sources, rather than love.A simple test will help you understand the jealousy that was the reason for this feeling.Once you notice in yourself at least a fraction of jealousy, conduct self-examination and try to understand what are its origins.Next, we present several options.

fear of betrayal

ratio of men to women is very often accompanied by jealousy.This feeling is very closely linked with the concept of treason.Jealousy in its simplest form - fear that a loved one can bring.Or is it the feeling that occurs when a jealous girl learns about committing treason.When a person manifests this feeling, he pursues the desire to protect themselves from the betrayal of a partner.However, it often happens quite the opposite.

projection systems on the other person

In most cases, for jealousy is lack of confidence in its usefulness.It can manifest as fear of failure, and jealousy.Ways to support their own self-esteem are often the relationship with another person.That is why they are so important.


consequence of the desire to possess a person and keep everything under control may become jealous.Quotes of great men often mention this.Again, the source of such behavior, most likely the inner complexes, discomfort and doubt in their own abilities.

Unjustified expectations

feeling of jealousy may arise when we place certain expectations on the person, and it does not justify them.In most cases, these expectations are connected with confidence.

control someone else's fate

With power over another person we are trying to create for themselves a stable living conditions.We are controlling other people's actions can prevent the change in the relationship than the stability and support of his own life.However, this is only an illusion, since the total control is simply impossible.As a result, there distrust and jealousy.

As can be seen, jealousy is a deep human experience.However, this feeling may also be different.The child may be jealous of their parents and vice versa.You can experience this feeling for a friend or a loved one.How to classify it and what are its origins?

Children's jealousy

In fact, jealousy is trying to find in your life secluded place in early childhood, that is, when you are not able to properly protect themselves from it.She quietly comes to you from behind and whispers in his ear: "Look!Your mother treated the sweet girl next door!But she could give it to you.My mother does not love you.She loves that girl more than you! "At first, you just try not to pay attention to her whisper, but jealousy - a persistent lady.It will remind you about yourself over and over again.When the Pope will take the hand of another child when he praised the successes of her elder sister, when parents advise look to the younger brother.That's when you're really scared.What if they really do not like you?Why you do not get the attention of parents?After all, they said that they loved you anyway.That's when the jealousy prevail.

Every feeling is manifested in different ways.Someone immediately come up and pulls a good braid that very girl-next-door, which had the temerity to caress your parents.And someone has harbored a grudge for a lifetime and will regularly remind its elderly mum and dad about what they have done.

friendly jealousy

And life goes on.You are growing up, you go to school ending institutes working.And your constant friend - jealousy - does not leave you for a minute.You'll make new friends, join the company, to communicate with colleagues.And she, in turn, will strengthen its position quietly.

Do you have a best friend or a friend?Excellent!Better it could not be!For jealousy is the untilled field.And you can hear it whisper: "Look at that!She does not call you for a second day.Surely it is occupied by those with whom it is interesting to communicate.Do you want to call and say what you think about this traitor? "Needless to say, that as soon as you begin to succumb to such impulses, your whole friendship will crumble brick by brick.

How does such zeal?When you go to a cafe with a friend, then you are ready to discuss only two.People who are at this time call on her mobile, literally causing you physical pain.You fall into a rage, if a friend is not responding to your call or, worse, refuses to walk together.

Love and jealousy

Perhaps a loved one - it is the plum for jealousy.Indeed, where there is the glory of carousing.You may not have time to fully enjoy the candy buketny period of first love, feel the emotional palette of the first love, and she has long had a plan of action.Hurry up, you still have much to catch!

For starters read all his text messages and correspondence in social networks.Check out his notebook on the subject of women's names.Do not forget to hack email!Interrogate all the friends and acquaintances: who knows, maybe they have already seen it by the handle with a new passion.It is important to monitor every call, as well as the schedule of movement in the city.Do not forget once a scandal if it somewhere delayed at least ten minutes.After this scandal, he must remove all the numbers marked with female names: this includes ex-girlfriend, and classmates, and colleagues.Of the women you are allowing only himself and his family, and the most intimate.

Parental jealousy

If you happen to control myself and not to destroy at least one romantic relationship, create a family, the following dangers you - this is the birth of a child.Can you imagine?You grow your baby, you give him all the love which you are capable, and everything at the same time.But he grows, he suddenly appear new friends, interests, hobbies, and interests.Your influence on the child every day is becoming less and less.He now loves not just Mom and Dad.His horizon, new objects for adoration.In what will be expressed your resentment and confusion?In the worst case, you will take care of your child persistently.And when the child grows up, categorically stating that you broke his life.

ask a question: do you really need such a finale?Then tell me this feeling of unwavering "no" and slam the door in his face.Forget the old saying that if a person is jealous - he loves.Not true.If he is jealous - he does not trust, doubt, craves attention, but does not like.