Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo, Ash, it is gratifying Medvedkovo

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Among the greatest Orthodox holidays listed Intercession of the Theotokos.The miracle that happened in the year 910 in the city of Constantinople is celebrated to this day.In honor of this amazing event built churches all over Russia, who are under the protection of the Blessed Virgin.

Cathedral in Izmailovo, Moscow

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo was built in the XVII century.The original church was a wooden log structure, which is geographically located in the birthplace of Boyar Romanov.After the land passed into the possession of Alexei Mikhailovich, it was decided to build a roomy stone cathedral.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo and its construction is shrouded in legend.One of the most famous states that the construction of the church was going to exact analogy to the Assumption Cathedral.However, official documentation, which has been preserved from the XVII century, indicates that the external device as a copy of the temple went Pokrovsky Cathedral of the Alexander settlement.

build the temple of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo famous Ivan Grasshopper.The interior of the church in the XVII century, was struck by its grandeur.It was a five-tiered iconostasis.It was concentrated all the power, beauty and incredible divine power.Over-painted walls and ceilings worked more than 40 great masters.

October 1, 1679, on the eve of the feast of the Orthodox temple of the Holy Virgin in Izmailovo was consecrated by Patriarch Joachim.Shrine Church is the icon of Our Lady of Jerusalem.

Cathedral Yasenevo

One of the most pochetaemyh holidays Orthodox considered Intercession of the Theotokos.Yasenevo Temple (District of Southwest Administrative District of Moscow) at this time is visited by thousands of believers.Construction of the building was due tribute to all the children of the Fatherland, who gave their lives for the good of the motherland.Start of construction of religious buildings dates from 2008.The erection of construction going on donations of believers and legal entities.Consecration and commissioning of the church took place only in 2013.

Yasenevo Orthodox church is a building height of 36 meters.The five-domed cathedral accommodates 800 worshipers at a time.The interior of the church is decorated with amazing mosaic sculptures, which are made in the Byzantine style.

main shrine of the cathedral are: the Stone of Unction, Star of Bethlehem and the Holy Fire Column.On the territory of undeveloped chapel Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Sunday school.

Cathedral in Pleasant

amazing in its beauty the cathedral is located in the Voronezh region (the village of Otradnoe).Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin was built in 1901.The main difference of the building is its neo-Russian style.The design and interior of the church combines Russian and Byzantine notes, which give the cathedral a special flavor.

essential reconstruction of the church was subjected to in 1914.This was due to the fact that all interested parishioners could not fit in the church.To meet the needs of all believers, and it was decided to increase the space of the cathedral.The church has existed in similar form until 1930, as long as the building has not been placed under a granary.

modern history of the temple of the Holy Virgin began only in 1991.At that time, returned to the diocese of worship.The restoration of the church.In 2001, the church was consecrated and opened for parishioners.In 2015, Russian President Putin met the great feast of the Nativity, together with the parishioners of this church.

Cathedral Medvedkovo

In 1635 was erected a temple "Intercession of the Theotokos."Medvedkovo is situated on the bank of the Yauza, in the northern part of Moscow.The construction of the cathedral is associated with two events: the liberation of the Russian Empire from the Polish intervention in honor of the late son of Dmitry Pozharsky - Fedor.

Church in Medvedkovo is an architectural masterpiece.The building was built in the style of doraskolnicheskogo period.In the interior and exterior of the church embodies the best traditions of Russian architecture.A dome tent is located on a high.Along the perimeter of the dome surrounded by smaller drums.The Cathedral consists of two floors: warm and unheated.

Russian Orthodox churches are striking in their monumentality, luxury and beauty.In most cases, the cathedrals are a cultural and historical monuments, which are protected by the state.