Secrets of Windows 7: how to disable the swap file and what it can threaten?

No one would deny that the level of speed and performance of a computer depends on how "mighty" its hardware filling.Also, do not forget that the key to the stability of the operating system running is implemented correctly configured PC.However, some users, enthusiastic "optimization" passion come to a false understanding of the work of some services and functions in maykrosoftovskih OS - is wasted and, in general, rastrachevaemye wasted system resources.However, the question raised in the article «Windows 7: how to disable a swap file" will help you, dear readers, to understand how impractical to deactivate the virtual memory of the PC.However, for those who do not give rest nowhere to instill in them the spirit of the scientist, the article gives a concrete answer.

So let's understand in more detail in questions about why Windows needs Pegefile, how to manage "virtual" options and what the consequences might be even when the user is deprived OSE additional reserves memory.

Where is and what is the swap file?

7-ke, however, as in the previous XP, as well as the eighth successor, the default virtual memory is located directly on the system partition of the hard drive, usually denoted by Latin letter "C".It is worth noting that the Pagefile is a hidden file, so in order to "find" his presence at the root of the OS, you must use the appropriate function "Show files and folders ..." to which access can be obtained through the "Appearance and Personalization".With regard to the purpose of virtual memory, it is not so simple ... But the basic idea is:

  • Pegefile - a specially selected area on the hard drive, which is designed not only to compensate for the lack of physical RAM, but also tohelp the operating environment to work more effectively through integrated into the OS functions: SuperFetch and ReadyBoost, which will not fully work, if in Windows swap file is missing.
  • «Vindovs" when unforeseen critical situations, such as when a BSOD-errors creates a crash dump.As you can imagine, "stripped-down" OS functionality will be deprived of such a possibility, but it's not quite right, because then you will not know exactly what was the cause of the "blue death."

in any amount of virtual memory needed seventh OS?

When you install the operating system Windows swap file size is set automatically.Typically, the value of the virtual memory is identical amount of physical RAM (nominal installed brackets).Practice shows that for the normal operation of the OS is enough.It is worth mentioning that the 32-bit Windows is able to "see" and to work only with 4-hgigabaytovoy memory, while the 64-hrazryadnoy version limits begin with the number of 192 GB.Now for the allowable values ​​Pagefile.It makes no sense to allocate a virtual memory of more than 4 GB of disk space, since in most cases it is too much ... As already mentioned, the automatic value is sufficient.In the case of a "critical shortage" of free space on the system drive, you can move the folder to another section Pagefile drive that in no way will not affect the stability of the operating environment Windows.

How to change the swap file?

Let's say you believe in the rightness of their assumptions or any digital event forcing you to your action script - you need to reduce or increase the size of virtual memory.Follow the brief instructions and the success of actions taken by you is guaranteed.

  • Enter the "Start" menu.
  • Hold your marker on the item "Computer" and right-click.
  • From the drop-down list, select the shortcut "Properties".
  • Next, you need to activate the item, which is located on the left - "More ... system."
  • In the "Properties ..." - the first block "Speed" - click on the button "Parameters."
  • Click on the tab "Advanced".
  • At the bottom of the window you will see the "Change" button - press it!
  • Uncheck "Automatic" checkbox and activate the option "Show size".
  • Enter the required values.
  • After click on "Set", and then - "OK".

changes you make will take effect immediately after you restart Windows 7. How do I disable the paging file, you will learn in the next section of this article.However, even 8 GB of physical memory can not guarantee your security, if you delete a directory Pagefile.

So, how to do it: when you feel that the amount of physical RAM is enough

With the above-described algorithm of actions re-enter the working area of ​​the window "virtual memory."

  • Click on the "No paging file."
  • Activate the key "Set".
  • Confirm your settings and reboot the system.

After these manipulations, you get practical answer to the question: «Windows 7: how to disable the swap file?" But remember: your OS will have no significant operational component that supports the stability and performance of the operating environment.How such changes are critical, you will find out later.By the way, it is unlikely you will experience a significant increase in performance after a reboot your PC in the "virtual unconscious."

The topic is incredibly useful information

Usually, the question in this case relating to Windows 7: "How to disable the swap file?", There is for two main reasons.

  • When the hard disk "C" is full and the user due to their inexperience does not understand how the action is short-sighted, in which Windows is not "saving" virtual memory.
  • second case - it's overconfidence user when he thinks installed RAM-bars more than enough, and decided to get rid of "unnecessary" features him.

In both cases, the result would be - the system will start to slow down significantly, and some software will stop working altogether.As you can see, Pagefile - a very useful component in the operating system.

In conclusion

So, despite the advantage of high-speed performance of physical RAM, virtual memory is an important "helper" in the solution of common problems associated with rapid data processing.Well, now you know how to change the file, and how important is the fact of his presence in the operating system.As a bonus for the attention you paid to reading this article, I want to give one simple piece of advice: if your physical memory has a capacity of more than 4 GB - put 64 hrazryadnuyu system, and everything else to you.All the best, you stability and good configuration!